Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Seraphin Message 167:

Through Rosie, 13th January 2014

S: Just as a film consists of a series of photos giving the illusion of continuous movement, the film of your present lives is about to SLOW DOWN SO THAT EACH INDIVIDUAL FRAME CAN BE CLEARLY SEEN. Each frame will stand still so that it can be thoroughly assessed for quality. Nothing will be overlooked. Nothing will fade into a blur.

How will you react to this painful slowing down in momentum? You will see your own lives in a different light. You will see other people, your nation, and indeed your whole planet in a different light. It will be like lying on an operating table: all harmful tumours must be removed to ensure the full functioning of the body.

Yet we wish to talk less of the body here and more of the mind, in which originates the seed of all things manifest. Indeed, the patterns and “films” of your mind will be broken down into reasonable pieces. You will see that some patterns have caused you to run “on automatic”, again at some speed. And again, close examination is necessary, for in the new earth MINDLESS REPETITION HAS NO PLACE.

To stop and question will become the norm. You will be asked to dissect your thinking processes: that which you consider “fact” and which forms the very basis of your premises will turn out to be WORTHLESS NOTHINGS. And what you considered to be “illusion” or “flights of fantasy” or unproven but remote possibilities will now move into the range of what you consider to be CONCRETE FACT.

You may feel very unsteady in all this re-arranging of material which you have long been sorting into various mental piles. But now the wind blows, and all the piles of sorted papers now rise to the sky, falling in a completely different place. Thus will you radically rearrange your thoughts, your friends, your situations, your past experiences, your future hopes, your intentions and your dreams into NEW GODLY CATEGORIES.

This alignment with the new wind will be part of a set of NEW PRIORITIES in your lives. Never again will you feel useless, hopeless, superfluous or disorientated. There is much work to be done, Beloveds. Let us roll up our sleeves, for we see the storm of change brewing on the horizon.

R: You have given us yet another message, Seraphin – the third in a very short period of time. This is, I imagine, because I have made myself more available, or is the situation becoming more acute?

S: The situation is ALWAYS becoming more acute, and more sorted in the sense that DENOUEMENT/DISENTANGLEMENT is progressing and CLARITY increasing. In the end, all will be clear, like a sheet of transparent glass. This is what we aim for, what we work for, and why we entreat you through messages to participate in these energies. We work with you to spur change on.

You can only imagine how complex all this is. We only address certain aspects. Many other aspects remain undisclosed in your realm because you do not have the knowledge presently to understand. Information is missing. Whole chunks of your history are missing. Awareness of your position in the universe is missing. Sensitivity to the power of energies at play in this scenario is missing.

We can only say that THE GAME IS BEING PLAYED OUT AND THAT THERE WILL BE THAT FINAL WHISTLE BLOW, because this is in the nature of a game: THAT IT ENDS, that both sides assess themselves and ask themselves where they went wrong and how they can improve. This intermission which is coming to you will be one of the greatest learning opportunites you have known, catapulting you into a whole different space. We are here to help you, Seraphin

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