Monday, January 13, 2014

BIRTHING PARADISE : Seraphin Message 166


Seraphin Message 166: BIRTHING PARADISE
By Seraphin through Rosie
Jan 13, 2014 - 7:36:48 AM
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Seraphin Message 166: BIRTHING PARADISE
Through Rosie, 13th January 2014

Creating paradise goes hand in hand with NOT CREATING THE OPPOSITE, known on this planet as “hell”, considered a prison of darkness and despair. Where all are in constant connection with Divine Will, in full knowledge of the benevolent workings of the Divine hand, despair has no fertile ground.

Do you recognise “darkness”, Beloveds? Do you really wish to live in a PARADISE? Do you really want to bring “heaven” to earth? And what is your idea of “paradise” or “heaven” – terms which are loosely, carelessly and casually bandied around in your daily encounters (HEAVENS ABOVE! OH HEAVENS!) instead of pertaining to and being cherished as that special and sacred state of equilibrium where all are at peace, for which all should strive.

We shall tell you what paradise IS NOT: it is a place where noise is not, where stress is not, where boasting is not, where dearth is not, where manipulation is not, and where ill-health, lack of money and unsolvable problems ARE NOT.

All this will be BIRTHED BY YOU, as you turn your eyes beyond the area they presently scan, searching instead for chinks of light in the dense thicket.

You will ask “Who has blazoned the comfortable path in the opposite direction, paved with smiling (lip-service paying) guards who partition off deviating paths with ropes, who erect signs alerting travellers to DANGEROUS AREAS NEARBY WHERE WILD ANIMALS ROAM, who usher you into areas of deep darkness away from the light and away from the thicket dividing you from it?” They have pushed you in one direction, and they have encouraged the thicket to grow behind you. You have but to turn your heads. You have but to investigate what is growing underneath the moss. You have but to move with determination in a new direction.

“And how exactly is PARADISE to be achieved?” you will ask, “How can we construct this realm of constant calm, of abundance and love?” And we say to you: YOU ARE THE SEEDS OF ALL THINGS. YOU ARE THE PRECUSSORS OF TOMORROW. If you gossip and brawl today, you will sully your tomorrow. If you oppress your fellows, you will receive their sullen anger tomorrow. If you help someone today, you will receive your reward tomorrow. If you show aggression today, others will react with fear to you tomorrow. If you lie today, someone will cheat you tomorrow. If you suck someone into your sphere of influence today, you will be faced with reluctance tomorrow. If you shout at someone today, they will keep their distance tomorrow. If you are unclear, you will have to dispel chaos tomorrow. If you share your troubles today, you will be asked how you are tomorrow. If you make changes today, you will see the results tomorrow.

Therefore, KNOW THAT THE PARADISE OF TOMORROW ORIGINATES IN THE MINDS OF TODAY, in your every thought and action. This we have said often, and we repeat it today because tomorrow will reveal, IN ALL CLARITY, what your faulty behaviour of yesterday has yielded. You will be presented with your harvest, individually and collectively. You will see your steps (which may have seemed justifiable when judged in separation in the past) as cumulating in a heinous present when viewed in their entirety and as ONE. You will rediscover silence. You will discover the meaning of “bated breath” as you decide – IN TOTAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE POTENCY AND IMPACT OF YOUR STEP – which direction to choose next. Thus will paradise be birthed, in the still knowledge of your power and the exercising of that power in alignment with that which benefits all.

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