Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Value of a Clear Mind

A Message From VERONICA
The Value of a Clear Mind
     "We have memory of physical and all that that entails.  The dramas that are created from the most simple endeavors leaving the brain muddled from all the intense input.
     It is important for the reader to understand that we comprehend quite well what it is like to incarnate.  The overwhelming scenarios that leave your thoughts compressed in such a way that there seems to be no clear path to redemption available .  An excess of negativity clinging to your body like a shroud, leading it seems nowhere but to worse enactments.  Yes we see it.  Yes we feel it for we have experienced such moments.
     A clear perspective might have changed everything.  Opportunity might have at least eased the burden we felt so acutely at that time.
     What would we have told that linear existence from our now clear eternal view?
     What indeed?
     The most important thought in such a dramatization is that though it may feel you are out of control it is not necessarily so.
     Your thoughts are your greatest gift and your most useful tool. 
     It's easy to succumb to defeat.  Letting yourself become victim to negativity is often a self interpreting moment.  Most are not clear enough in thought to be self interpreting therefore they give up and become a part of the whole negative picture.
     If you find yourself in despair a moment or perhaps more of clarity of the mind would be prudent.
     Examination & acceptance go hand in hand with the truth.  So if you find yourself in a predicament, keep your thoughts in focus.  It's really the only weapon you have.
     Slow down.
     Embrace the thoughts.
     Implement the thoughts without constricting fear base moments.
     Thought without fear = power.