Monday, December 23, 2013

The offer : To the Ones still in the Shadows : Glory and Disgrace



Glory and Disgrace


You have been always dealing with limits and limitations.Within limited boxes and limited creations.
With limited mind and limited perspectives,but with limitless ego and limitless pride.
Manipulation is not creation.Can you create something from nothing?
 You never did it and you,ll never do it !Because you are not creators.You are learning,but with limited
potentials and more limited perception .
Manipulating the many somethings  in your ways -your Father-Creator is created - is leading to un - creation
and destruction.You did it again and again through time,
and you failed.
You failed to comprehend  and perceive the difference between  lies and truth.Real and non real.The bottom with the Top.
The firsts with the lasts.Leading and following.Sinking and flying!
The up and down.Because you used other,s people wings
and others people power.
You mixed up the meaning of Glory with Disgrace.
 You are already disgraced in the conciouss
of Humanity.Because you failed to get it right.
That everybody,s interest is also your best interest.
The demise of everybody and everything,is your final demise.And you do not wand this.
Get the offer of grace and mercy and sit on the right site of the throne and... the glory!
Because on the left site is only your demise and eternal disgrace and ......Oblivion !!!