Friday, December 27, 2013

The Denials : Shadow minds in boxes

There is always a solution to any problem.
Not necessarily the last one....


Targeted Messages 

 By Candace
Dec 27, 2013 -

 Consciousness cannot be contained in a fish bowl  

Dear Dark Brothers... you have contained yourselves in a fish bowl you know... Consciousness that is growing in the Spirit cannot be contained by YOUR fishbowl.... It will grow out of it,,, and in anger if necessary,, so that it may swim.  For that is the way of Spirit......Candace speaks again to you.  Will you listen?  I AM THAT I AM and beings of consciousness MUST BE GIVEN FREE REIGN TO BECOME ALL THEY CAN BE,, so they can stand one day and state I AM THAT I AM.... WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO PREVENT THAT?  CLIMB OUT OF YOUR OWN FISHBOWL.....For never will you state for yourselves I AM THAT I AM IF YOU DO NOT.

Un - targeted  Message


 The Denials

- Shadow minds in boxes -

- The Denials -

We see the everyday,s efforts  to bring 
the Brotherhood  of shadows to their senses!
It is not a matter of arguments to be convinced.
 It is a matter of perception!
They can,t either conceive or perceive,
what really their eternal benefits could be..
It is simple as that!
They can,t get it.
About Love,Light ,Or consciousness.
How does somebody can perceive,or be aware,
 of something, for which has no idea what really is?
It,s becoming very obvious,that they don,t!
It seems that their light within,
is been turn off completely  long ago. 
They can,t see what the light is projecting.  
Because they don,t wand to see.They already came to the
conclusion,that is not for their interest or benefit.
For them is just simple logistics.Loss and Profits.
Loss of control and dominion.
They are completely deaf!They don,t want to listen.
They can either see or listen.
If they have eyes to see and they have ears to listen.
But both are blocked by their ego and pride!!
What actually they consider as their own,
is given to them on loan.
And they live also on borrowed time.
If both is taken from them-the same way 
they take everything from the people-
and their shadow mind reach the state of zero point 
and the dark night of the soul (if they have any, why not ?),
then ,may be they could be capable to See and Listen.
They already declared,that they prefer 
to play -with their rules-and die.
What about, if is given only the second choice.
And no chance to play.