Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christ Michael : I invite you to remove whatever barriers you have created


I invite you to remove whatever barriers you have created
By Representative of CM/
Dec 25, 2013 - 11:33:03 PM


Dear Friends

Hazel: I received this message telepathically(speaking it as it was given) during one of my workshops in Jamaica. I have only just transcribed it. A representative of CM appeared and gave this on His behalf.


Michael of Nebadon sends His Divine Blessings and greetings to all presence here. (I think Hazel meant "present" here, but I left it as is, for I can see maybe also why "presence" was used )

He stands next to each of you. He is not only a protector but he comes to assist each of you to make that next step on your path.

He recognises the need that each person here has and He asks that each be open to receive, because there is a special light or code that contains light that has what each one of you need, You only need to open yourself to accept and receive it. Within this code is distilled the perfect gift for each soul here and the soul will recognise the gift that is being given. You will notice in the days and weeks ahead, dramatic transformations within your energetic matrix. You will begin to see anew. A new vision is to be granted to each present here.

The doors will close to darkness and it will be as if for the first time you will see in the purity of the light and lighted frame. It is to be. He invites each person to remove the canker of fear at all levels of their awareness for it is only then that you can truly experience the light in its glory. This is the light which will move you forward and take you to new heights of divine experience. Prepare yourself for it is to be in the name of the Divine Source, the One of All, in all, that perfection be restored on your planet and thus you must be ready to reclaim your perfection. 

It is indeed the time of great awakening. I come to solidify you in My presence that you too may begin to feel a radiant joy awakening within the centre of your very being. Let the capsule of love that you hold within begin to dissolve that it may pervade your entire being and be inhaled into your selves. This is the beginning of your transformation. Much will be revealed to you. Ask what you need and be ready to receive. You cannot comprehend that which I desire to give unto thee.

I invite you to remove whatever barriers you have created or that which have been created for you. I ask that you let it go that limitations will not stunt your progress, for it is time to release the burdens of all that has been imposed upon thee that you may begin to experience the pleasure of thy self. I shall remain yours, ever faithfully and in love- for what you cannot comprehend is that I too AM your God, you too are in Me and We are One.

Thank you for hearing these words. I bow to each of you for you too are My children. Receive the glory of My presence as I come in your midst. I love you. I will now return but you must know that My presence ever exists in your midst. I will blanket you in the shield of My energy that you may feel the warmth of God’s presence within and amongst you this day. You are My precious ones. I love you.

 I AM Michael of Nebadon.