Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Divine Mother : An answer to your question

“Why are we on earth, oh Mother of all mothers of all mothers?”

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---You,we, are an eternal part of All That Is within the Universes of Time - Space .
We are His learning extensions and reflections of His dream for cosmic perfection
within the Universes of Time - Space.Through our multidimensional selves
and our Divine ability to Be in any part within the Multiverse as co-creators,
 either,in different places at the same time,or at the same places in different times!!
Your journey is His Journey,in manifesting His Divine dream within Eternity.
Our journey within this 3D field of experience -world of illusions or shadow 
world-is been the biggest adventure ever,of our multidimensional selves.
Separation.Forgetfulness.No identity.The experiment unique.
in cosmic terms and proportions..Christ Michael took it to the edges.
Could it be the absolute darkness and permanent separation?
Darkness is the state of conciousnes  within, the eternal light is turned off.
But is still there.In a sleeping or dormant state.Waiting the zero point and the big event in one,s
individual existence .The dark night of the soul !Which is activating the so far non-active light within.
The reconnection is now a fact.The awakening ,mastering, enlightment , liberation, is a matter of time
within Eternity!
Everybody is going back home.---


An answer to your question – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn November 23, 2013

(Translated from original language german)

Actually, I had not planned to give another message through my scribe. She is very tired and exhausted and her body is close to give up. She ascended so many times and came back to Earth to help further; out of love to my children. Her own energy work in her country does the rest. Her body has difficulties to process the frequency differences and the density on earth anymore.
This morning however, she received only half awake the cry of my children. She heard telepathically the question of so many of you :
“Why are we on earth, oh Mother of all mothers of all mothers?”
I will be glad to answer you, my child.
You are first of all on earth to make wonderful experiences for me. This is the real meaning of your existence in Creation. Your life is meant to experience joy, happiness, security, peace, love and so much more. Also the, as you call it, negative experiences belong to this because in my very own dimension I can’t experience them; but everything belongs to it. For this I have given you the free will to create all sorts of events in order to make any experiences. You have by now much forgotten under the illusion – that you alone are creating the events of your life in order to collect all sorts of experiences. So many of you are still sleeping soundly in this illusion and believe their environment and other people are responsible for their experiences, including pain and suffering that they feel. But I tell you again, my beloved child, you alone, with your thoughts, words and deeds, are the creator of your life and fully responsible for it. This will become very soon much clearer for you. The fog of forgetfulness will dissolve also for you and great clarity will take it’s place. You’re so close, don’t give up.
You who are reading this, are a wayshower, a lighthouse, a Starseed or as well a loveworker. Or all together. You have another task: to let shine your glorious light and to share your wonderful love with my other children. Your job is, just through your being, to help those who are still asleep. You have nothing further to do for it. Your presence, your love and your light alone are sufficient for this purpose. Some of you, mostly Starseeds, serve also as a communicator between the dimensions. Telepathy is one of your innate skills that you brought with you from your planet of origin or stars. Others are gatekeepers who ensure that only humans with the necessary requirements can proceed through the gates into other dimensions. There are many different tasks. Many light beings have told you already in their messages further details about it. Go inside into your heart, my beloved child. Make contact with your Higher Self and you will learn more about your own task, your own mission.
I could say so much more, but my scribe is tired already. She is very dear and precious  and very very close to me. Both of us will be returning home soon, back to Sirius, a beautiful star with two suns. It is always daylight there and pleasantly warm. There, there are oceans, mountains, meadows and woods and we both, we long to see this all again.
I wrap you in my infinite, eternal love for you, my child. Be you sure, I am always close to you. Wherever you are. I see everything, hear everything and feel everything You see, hear and feel. You are a part of my Self, my essence, my love, and thus One with me. I love you, my beloved child. ~
Your Divine Mother
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