Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Big World Series Of Earthquakes To Come: Study Notes Via The Zetas

The Big World Series Of Earthquakes To Come: Study Notes Via The Zetas

IITM:  The Zetas have graciously been providing us humans with earthquake updates… and recommendations for safe locations… this btw is another example of an ‘alien’ species, who is trying to ‘make it right’ with us humans… similar to the Anannuki (now a spiritually evolved species from the Anunnaki)… after who knows how long, of perpetrating ‘manipulation’ of us, from behind the scenes.  Their information speaks also of Nibiru and a whole bunch of other things from the Oar fish in California, to the mysterious sounds heard around the world… visit their main website for all this and more.


Earthquake Study Notes
For example…. when the New Madrid fault line goes… the zetas say, it will trigger dormant west coast volcanoes and a European tsunami…. and that’s just the appetizer… the main meal has only just begun…
A few notable quotes:
  1. Chicago has long been predicted, by ourselves and others, to be devastated.
  2. When the New Madrid adjusts, one should be 100 miles from Lasson, Medicine Lake, Hood, Jefferson, Three Sisters, Newberry, Crater Lake in Oregon, and Baker, Glacier Peak, Rainier, St. Helens, and Adams in Washington State. Garibaldi in Canada bears close watching, as do the more active volcanoes up along the Canadian coastline.
  3. Simply put, there are no earthquake free areas, and during the coming pole shift, all parts of the globe will be subject to them, without exception. Thus, individuals living in areas which have never experienced an earthquake should not presume safety but should take the same steps in preparing for the pole shift that those living atop highly active fault lines take- stay out of old or masonry buildings, and anticipate earthquakes as severe as any that mankind has ever experienced and noted.
  4. Will the New Madrid just suddenly rip with our predicted magnitude 9 quake? Hardly. There will be a progression of quakes in the magnitude 4-5 range all along the New Madrid fault line, which runs up to the Great Lakes and thence along the seaway… The New Madrid adjustment will thus not sneak up on you, but will be well announced.