Thursday, November 14, 2013


Sananda’s message


Loved ones,
Trust is the CODE WORD for the ascension. Whom it lacks the confidence he can not take up his divine universal heritage.
I am Sananda!
Now it is important to move from doubt into total trust. Less is not enough! Beware of people who want to turn you away from the path! Beware of people who weaken you and who deceive you with guile, so that you begin to question yourself and doubt your actions. It is that time of confidence! Of trust in yourself, of trust in your doing. Even if you sometimes overshoot beyond the goal, altogether you are always on the right path, as long as you stay on the path of light you can never go wrong.
Who is a false prophet today? These are the half-enlightened and the half-knowing that come to the light warriors of the first and last hours with presumptuous advices. There are those who neither understand why you are doing this or that, why you are sometimes moody, sometimes quite centered, why you accomplish this or that in a variety of ways, these are those, who seek to rob you of your strength, who only pursue one goal – to drive you into doubts until your strength and determination remains only a shadow.
The attacks on the Light Warriors are insidious, subtle and devious, nasty, not mitigated at all and decomposing the human psyche. What has changed is the nature of the attacks, the fact that they still take place remains unaltered for a clearly defined period of time. Have faith in yourselves! And when you make a “mistake”, recognize it but then put off this thought immediately, never progress to self-accusation, but say instead to yourself: “It is good as it is”. Superhuman achievements are now required of you.
You can be in a “bad mood”, you are allowed to be furious, angry, and hostile, because this is your protection against the pretensions that permeate from the darkness of the people in your direction. Even more  - you have to conduct yourself completely repellent, as soon as you just guess the faintest hint of manipulation and external control. Never suppress your feelings and sensations, your emotional discharges, because that is often the only language which the stupid, dark and arrogant people understand, it is the language, to which the unconscious and brazen – by the devil manipulated people – can react.
A lack of courtesy these days is a very efficient protection to keep at bay unwanted visitors, who self-invite to your home.
The attacks of the powers of darkness are unleashed  - the more light gates open and the more intense the ascension waves become, the more desperate the dark ones are and they do everything they could to disarm the light warriors.
Seize upon the weapons of light, my beloved Light Warriors! Drive out the dark forces, because they have no more power over you. Be aware, only a decisive action against the emissaries of darkness is a guarantee today that you remain unscathed. What good is it, you let yourselves being caught and entangled in the fine networks of these forces that subtly stir up in you the doubts by tracking your weaknesses skillfully and confronting you with them cleverly. Therefore, accept yourself entirely!
You are allowed to be wrong. A mistake is only then tragic, when it is repeated again and again, as in an endless loop. Have faith in principle in your doing and in your being. Never doubt it any more – because he who is in the process of ascension accepts only one master teacher – GOD. People who want to weaken you with “good advices” are the plague of this time. People who want to stuff you into their own patterns are the plague of this time. People, who have been personally sent by the prince of darkness to bother you, are the plague of this time.
No man can gain anything, if he lacks confidence in himself. What is usually true of earthly manifestations, is all the more correct in cosmic relationships. The trust and the faith are the sum of your inner universal knowledge, with which you attract everything and turn everything into a reality.
If you have no faith in your ascension, how should this happen then? If you are in disbelief and doubt, then you cannot attract ascension into your reality. But how get something unimaginable? By CONFIDENCE! They tell you, blind faith is risky. I tell you, only the blind and absolute faith in God is the key to eternal life. It is risky to renounce it! Throw everyone out of your door that fuels the mistrust in you and suggests to you that through doubts your trust would grow in you.
No, it is not so. Quite on the contrary. The doubt undermines your confidence until you lose orientation. Therefore, do not torment yourself any longer with this. Check your actions and thoughts with the Masters and with God. A human corrective is for the ascending ones a vacant obstacle and no help! The time has turned, what was previously valid has no meaning for you anymore.
Those, who are now called Masters and are prepared for the ascension, require the knowledge and the light of the already ascended masters – that’s all. It is completely irrelevant what the people say about you. It is crucial that you remain always connected to God, to the primal source of all Being and to us, the Ascended Masters. Ground yourself into us and not in people who pretend to know you from an “outside view” and claim to be of help for you. Blunder!
Do you believe seriously that we, Jesus, St. Germain, Mohammad or Buddha had to look back at a human corrective, as we walked as enlightened beings at our time on this world? Do not let be made unsure or “sold as a fool”! A master is a master and a master knows that he is. If you doubt and be reached by the dark powers, that is just a sign that you do not yet firmly stand in your mastership.
We needed only God as the sole and supreme authority. No one could make judgments about ourselves, we were never subject to earthly justice. For a true master subjugates only to the all-loving “God’s justice” and succumbs to this in absolute devotion and unconditional love. You, who called yourselves masters: Leave now the wrong path that tells you, you should carefully listen when the people have something to say, you shall shine in yourselves, when a prince of darkness aimes his arrow at your Achilles heel, where you are still vulnerable. I say to you: Just listen to God, then everything is taken care of and everyone of you perceives the voice of God clearly audible in himself, otherwise you will not be worthy of being addressed as masters.
No man has the right to judge you. Only God is given what is denied to the people. We are one – recognize this truth. Withdraw from any human “justice” by trusting unconditionally the first and last authority of all life, by tirelessly looking into the mirror of God in order to find yourself.
I am