Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Choice

New Message From VERONICA

The Choice
"For every rose there are a few thorns. The pricking of the linear finger often teaches much more than the fragrance of the rose.
So be willing to accept the difficult. It is often necessary to appreciate the abundance that can occur during the process.
Perhaps moving forward while experiencing the thorn is the better choice. Deciding to use the pain as an excuse to be stagnant will hinder the soulful progression that is desired.
Remember that physical pain is fleeting. The soul responds to the difficulty, allowing one's energy to be healed and joyful. The choice lies in how one responds to the difficulty. Being a victim, or being an eternal soul that rises above it.
Take hold of the ability to rise above. Choose to be positive when surrounded by negativity. You are a creator of reality. Choose to be the special energy who does it differently. Choose not to agree with the general consensus that all is terrible. Choose to find the spark of energy that can turn it all around.
Attempt to not blind yourself to the probability .
You are a creator.
Embrace it.
Every time you do, a ripple of love moves through your reality to change it.... for the better."