Saturday, October 19, 2013

Imminent Epic Transformations of Gaia

I am Babaji

There are saints living among the people and they will now be moved to their final positions in order to heave the ascension process to the next phase or to ascend themselves.
Some places will very soon no longer exist and some places will be deserted (depopulated). This applies to a certain degree to every region in this world. The transformations will be truly epochal.
The great light ( Carla, note JJK), who has already overcome all barriers to the 5th dimension, has been asked to leave her “home” .
This has been understood correctly and confirmed by myself. Immediately? This means, at the moment, when everything has been settled and after care has been taken of the people who live under “Carla’s roof” in every respect. Then it should be done, not before. And the divine intervention will allow this to happen with an ease and rather naturally. Although it is said “urgently”, that does not mean “immediately”.
This change of location is necessary for the reasons you already know (see my explanation on our role in the detonation of the PAT supernova above, note George), but it is for everyone and everything to be taken care of at this time. Nobody should be harmed when this happens and you will be notified about any change directly and on time. For the moment it is important to attune to these events and to be open to all eventualities. Then there will be solutions that will be unexpected and awesome (ingenious).

With these words I assure you with my presence, because where Babaji is, everything is in motion, everything remains in flux and is subject to an incessant change. The new world is yours!