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...... - IF you have a Soul, then you are attached to an Over-Soul, which some call their "higher self". This Over-Soul is hooked up directly to Creator Source and Creator God, sometimes called Christ Michael. This connection between Soul and the others, mentioned above, is instantaneous. In other words, if you think or do something, anything, it is immediately known by the afore mentioned, if they choose to focus on you and what you are thinking and doing - .....Master Lady Kata Daki


By Djwhal Kuhl
The Master is the One known as The Thibetan.He is The One who guided
HP Blavashky in writing The Secret Doctrine,and also Alice Baley in writing all her books for The New Age.

Master Djwhal Khul - 21st Century

 via Dhyana Markley
July 21, 2008

I am the one known as Djwhal Kuhl and today I would like to speak to you about extraterrestrials.

For eons Earth has had visitors from the stars.

YOU are from the stars.

Your brothers and sisters still live among the stars.

Everything upon and within this planet is from the stars.

As you may suppose, today I am going to re-enforce the idea that you humans were... all was... seeded here upon Earth on purpose by those known as The Gardeners.

When a planet is born, and yes, planets are born from the Great Mother, when planets are born they are sent forth from the Mother of Worlds as a newborn infant, wearing nothing more than the basic biological composition of a planet born out of the dreams and intent of its Mother/Father.

But, like you, there is a plan for all creations, so planets are cared for in nurseries until they mature a bit. There is a Soul that is given control over the planet and this Soul adds its dreams and intentions to those of the Mother/Father. It is the combination of these dreams and intentions that form the Divine Plan for a planet.

The Souls of some planets are inexperienced at being a planet and choose to keep things simple. Perhaps, with the help of The Gardeners, they will only have 10 to 100 different species living upon and within them. Other planets, usually water planets, will choose to have millions or even billions of different species living upon and within them. It is usually the more experienced Soul which will agree to be a water planet and especially to be known as a Seed Planet, because of the level of responsibility necessary to oversee the diversity of life upon and within it. Great care must be taken by the Soul of its body and all life upon and within it. This care demands a great awareness of all of the health, happiness and needs of all of its planetary inhabitants.

The spirit or Soul of Urantia is called Lady Gaia. Once Urantia has fully ascended, she will be known as Tita Lakoria, the Diamond One.

Once a young Souled planet leaves the Galactic or Cosmic nursery, he or she will come under the guidance and auspices of The Gardeners. These Gardeners are scientists, Master Creators of the highest order, who can develop or locate and seed any kind or type of life-form onto a planet.

You can well imagine that the seeding is not a haphazard affair, but is carefully planned out and those plans carefully executed.

These Gardeners have Blueprints for millions of types of worlds and for the life-forms which will be able to live upon and within them. The environments of the planet must be made to support each and every species or form of life which will live there. These environs must not only be available for use by some species but not be toxic to any other species who might be found in their area. As you may know, there are planets which have gases in their atmosphere which would kill any and all life upon your planet, as well as toxic combinations of chemicals and unacceptable levels of radiation. These are just examples of the types of situations that The Gardeners must handle for each and every planet and each and every species or creation under their care.

Now, biologists on Earth know that some species have modified themselves, actually BEEN MODIFIED by The Gardeners, to be able to resist certain poisons so that they will not die when they come in contact with them. Even the human body has the amazing ability to rid itself of toxic elements for years on end with little effect, if the Soul overseeing that body chooses this scenario. An example is pollutants in your water, air and food chain.

The Gardeners must think of everything, right down to the minutest detail. As any astronaut on Earth can tell you, a billion dollar space ship is useless if it has a faulty "O" ring. The same goes for any complex creation. What if the Gardeners forgot to put exit points for waste products from a body? It wouldn't take long for toxins to build up and kill the body.

The human body is an excellent example of having multiple systems to rid the body of toxins. For example: the liver; the kidneys; sweating; moisture in the breath; secreting hormones and all of these are added to the power of a Soul to actually control the physical body and through the power of intent to render something harmless to it. In truth, the human body is a fantastic work of art and technology.

In your ignorance, even the most educated of you upon Urantia don't have but the smallest fraction of awareness of how great your planet is and what a masterpiece of creation it is. Please think about that for a moment. Then expand that awareness to include the entire cosmos.

Each living thing has an environment that it can live and thrive within. Each living thing is created so that it is born or hatched or blooms then grows through various stages of maturity until it reaches maturity. Sometime within maturity it will reproduce itself so that when it dies, its relations will live on, and on, and on. Often with death is a sacrifice or a planned system that feeds yet another creation, another species. And, within each of these life experiences, a Soul or Group Soul or Over Soul will gain wisdom and understanding about what it is like to serve GOD in yet another way. Each way of serving to be different, yet each way just as important as any other.

Humans are just one of the trillions of life-forms created to experience the cosmos for Mother/ Father GOD, the All That Is. Although perhaps higher in consciousness than some species, humans are not higher than all others. The human form is just one of many forms that Soul might choose to gain wisdom and self-awareness.

You were all seeded here. Even the precious gemstones and metals were placed here in specific places on purpose so that those crystals could grow and stabilize the planet which is attached to many, many grids that surround her. Sometimes even what appears to be a plain old rock, is in reality a sentient being acting as a grounding point for some great energy being fed to the planet from off-planet.

Your Solar Sun is fed energy and knowledge, love and wisdom from the Central Sun of this Galaxy and the Galactic Sun is fed from the Sun at the Center of the Universe. All is connected. All was designed to work in harmony.

All was designed and created off-planet then seeded here, even humans.

I am Djwhal Kuhl and I leave you with these thoughts to ponder. I thank you for spending this time with me.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given. Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~