Friday, October 11, 2013

CM on recent stabilisation

Congratulations....YOU dit It!!

CM on recent stabilisation

Now that WE have what WE’ve been waiting for, SOURCE has given the green light to begin our operations. It will commence now and grow gradually, as our influence becomes more and more obvious and the final breakaway from the influence of the shadowmind becomes more and more absolute.

WE would like to commence the three days of darkness before they play with the North American power grid. Weather patterns dictate that such a situation would be better handled when global weather as a whole is more matching and less extreme. Loss of power in the approaching winter months of the Northern Hemisphere would create needless hardship, as they had planned for in their desire to shut the grid down in November. It serves no purpose other than their own agenda of population control. There is no sense in waiting for such a thing to happen so WE are putting a stop to all that now.

WE are preparing the new governments to take over and also laying our own hands on the implementation of the new financial system. This will end any more game playing and interruptions and allow the transition period to as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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