Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Divine Mother : You Are Limitless

Limitless – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 22, 2013

(Translated from original language german)
My child, I repeat it again. You are in all created in my image. You are limitless in your possibilities, your skills and your proficiency. Only you yourself set boundaries through your thoughts; through your doubts about your true being, that the churches and societies have drummed into you. Detach from them and live the life that is planned for you. We are very similar. You can nourish yourself from pure light when your body is completely transformed into the crystalline structure like we do in the higher dimensions. We love, we have sex like you, we father and conceive children like you, carry them full term and give birth to them and so much more. Your soul is immortal and made of the same substance like my soul. Believe it finally and live your life limitless as my co-creator. ~
Your Divine Mother
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