Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let It Go :That, s What is All About.

Fear is deeply rooted in humans from the times of the fall of Atlantis.Fear creates emotional and mind,s inbalanse and conditions of unsertainty - insecurity.Insecurity in general is multiplying the sense of fear, paralising rational thinking,and making a certain individual either  more agresive or pathetic in case of visible  ( enemy )...for combading undesired situations.
In case of invisible enemy which is considered as higher authority or centers of power,the insecurity
and a non specified fear,is driving individuals to complete apathy,surrendered to the so far unknown orogin,s danger.
Do not leave non- descend people to destroy your presend and future.Do not leave a system of politico- economic mafiozos,to sell stupitity and incapapility,and presended to YOU as your messaias.They are your distroyers.
If you can not see it then we are all sleep walkers.
Nobody alone is capable to control factors of uncertainty and insecurity ,created by outside networks.
So let it go.

Ancient Wisdom