Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Israel, the Middle East, and the Coming Day ...

Israel, the Middle East, and the Coming Day of the Lord
A prophetic overview of what must shortly come to pass

Israel is the key to understanding bible prophecy
The key to this war is the United Nations General Assembly which meets this September. The GA meets from September 13-22. The Palestinians have stated they are going to declare a state at the UN. They have the votes in the GA, but not the Security Counsel. They only need the GA to approve as that will give them the moral authority to declare a state and take on Israel. Jerusalem will be declared the capital of this Palestinian state which Israel will not allow. Jerusalem will then be the rallying cry of the Muslims and will ignite Islam's final Jihad. Islam is not going to survive this war. It will be broken over Israel.

The heart is Islam is going to be destroyed. The scenario I just wrote about depends upon the UN declaring a Palestinian state. If it does not, which I cannot imagine at this time, then the scenario will change to perhaps a later date. The all-out war is coming with no way to stop it. Right now it is a matter of what is going to trigger it. When this war comes it is going to be so devastating that people, who are not grounded in Bible prophecy, are going to think it was Armageddon. The entire world is going to be affected as the world economy will collapse. The oil flow will stop and immediately collapse the economy. Entire countries are disappearing with millions of refugees. The magnitude of the war is going to terrify the people. North Korea might attack the US and Pakistan might attack India. China might move against a weaken America and gain control of Asia. There is going to be social unrest world-wide with countries disappearing. Many countries in Europe may merge in an attempt to survive because of the economy and famines. In the aftermath of this war, the world is going to look completely different to now.