Thursday, September 12, 2013

God,s Price Tag

The controllers -Your deceivers - are laughing at You.
They say that you are useless eaters.You are not.
Because of their pride they think they are gods.!!
If you wake up is your turn to laught at them.
You step down from Heaven to hell.For a reason.
To beat the darkness of hell with your Light.
Is been a great fight in Atlantis,and supposevely
the forcess of darkness pevailed.It is better to say
that darkness was trapped .
Earth and humanity became the center of operations
of the dark forcess and during these times a dark plague
-The dark alien virus - created by demons in another Universe,
was anleashed against Earth and Humanity.Death and distruction
made its presense on Erth.But you are not a mortal.In your essense
of Being,you are an Eternal Being.So the death factor is not taken into
account by The HR in respect of the condacted Cosmic experiment.
Which are the boundaries of darkness?
Which are the many faces of evil?
How and with which ways evil is redircting light into darkness?
Which are the means of combating darkness by the insight eternal light?
Which are the means and the ways of redirecting darkness into light?
Is there any single way or many ways of escaping the world of mayia and
 finding the sacret path of the return to the reality of Heaven?
You are the ONES who volunteered to find the unswers!!
We just have to get out of the state of amnesia and find our lost idendity.


We’ve woken up.  We can clearly see our slavery.  We bought the story – hook, line and sinker. Did we put up a fight before we were snatched from our sovereignty?  I believe so.  Elements of the fight are everywhere.  There have always been revolutionaries, whistle blowers, and conspiracy theorists.  Their language is becoming mainstream.  You hear words like “private agenda” and “line their own pockets” on Capitol Hill and on Main Street.

Movements to “access our value” 
are a growing part of the conversation. 

It’s true, we’ve been robbed, if willingly.  Yet there is something alarming (IMO) about a monetary value being given to our eternal essence.  

We became convinced of the necessity to “earn a living”.  Think about those three words.  Do they naturally fit?  What is “a living”?  I submit that each of us reading these words and breathing this air have “a living” going on.  End of story.  No earning necessary. Lie #1.

We were told that:

Some of us and some of Mother Nature’s stuff have more value than others of us. Lie #2.

There are things we “need” in order to “get” some of that more valuable stuff.

Lie #3.

The only decent, honest way to get these things we “need” and this more valuable “stuff” is to “earn a living”. Lie #1.

Systems are in place to regenerate this circle of lies that surround our slavery.  Those systems exist to keep less than 1% of us very fat, very happy, and stocked with an eternal supply of bait.  Bait to fish.  The “more” does not cease, there is never enough.  They are fishing for slaves.  Any bait will do.

The truth we’ve woken up to informs us of our worth.  It shouts at us.  We are made of the stuff of Gods.  We are priceless.

Does God have a price tag?  How much Source can you cash in for $7 million?  $7 billion?  $7 trillion?  

Are you, as a God, willing to contract with the system set up to enslave your body for ANY AMOUNT?  What will the terms of a “Contract of Being” look like?

This plan for the enslaved human race is brilliant and has taken many lifetimes to unravel.  Any documents introduced to the same players will merely prolong the play and necessitate new strategies. The game will only end when we stop playing.  

I have an older brother and sister.  I looked up to and wanted to please them.  I once gave my brother my allowance in exchange for an IOU he convinced me was just as valuable.  I once gave my sister a brand new top in exchange for a worn out t shirt she convinced me was just as valuable.  I was the lesser aware partner in these trades.  I am suggesting we consider here, are we?

This is not about a few dollars or a piece of clothing – we are talking about our soul.  Documents are being prepared that give away representations of portions of our eternal essence.  For cash. For the system that was set up to enslave us in the first place.

The system must be changed, yes.  We do not need to “earn” anything.  We Are.  We Are Gods.

The stage we are at now, the one where we are creating documents of value carried by groups of eternal essence embodied, is pivotal.  It clarifies our sight.  We need nothing to be the Gods that we are.

You certainly don’t need to accommodate a system that keeps you beholden to it. That keeps you coming back for more and more and more.  That keeps those fishermen well fed; with plenty of time to come up with new bait. Bait for us.

God’s don’t ask permission.  God’s DO what serves them and the whole of creation.  

This moment is about releasing the stranglehold this 3D program has on our heart and soul.  As we separate and contemplate, what are we really saying?

Remember who you are.  Let every action serve your absolute value.  This is not held in any contract.  This is held only in your heart.  You are living light, walking love and God in human form.  You are a brilliant force.  You are here to create a new way, a new home, one fit for 7 Billion Gods.

You are the One we are waiting for.