Wednesday, September 4, 2013

AA Michael’ :LIGHT III


AA Michael’s Message


Loved ones !
We have arrived at the final crossroad of this epoch. In the light of the assembled masters, in the light of the gathered Archangels, in the light of the hosts of heaven, in order to access the confidence of this holy moment and in order to draw great benefit for all other moments of the coming time.
The ” final crossroad” describes what it is all about now – about  the “finish line”, that is to say, about the final game of the forces of light, that will banish the darkness to their assigned realms. Before I get into that in more detail, some important notes for each one of you, who sees himself as the heir of heaven and as a light bearer, but nevertheless fails very often in everyday life. We shall dedicate a few words to this fact.
The reason, the “basic evil ” of every imperfection is that only a few people can hold the high vibrations of light, which they receive in their dream travels or experience and take with themselves during light readings, in everyday life. This is though demanded from any master of light. So how should you proceed, how should you end this situation?
One golden rule is: Know yourselves! This means ,analyze, define and detect all the situations, where your light power slips away from you, where it leaves you. This means a lot of work and the absolute willingness to be truthful. Be aware that only the conditions that unconsciously debilitate you trigger the chain reactions that reduce your light power.
Each “trifle matter”, even if it may seem to be rather insignificant, is important . Make “clear deck”, “muck out”, only then you have understood what is in the core of the ascension process. Expose any situation that entails or may entail your strength and light to the light of truthfulness. Recognize what is and act in a resolute and UNCOMPROMISED manner .
And we should make you aware of one second point. “Masters of Light” work regularly with their light. This means, as long as you retrieve your light force only in certain situations, you are not yet ubiquitous light bearers. In practice, this means you can and should make use of my lightsagber everywhere and in every situation. You shall call it and everything inappropriate will go away.
It is Important that you are always aware of your actual power and should never slip into self-doubt or into thoughts or emotions that debilitate you. This condition requires, before it becomes self-evident, intense daily training and intense daily exercise. Then you emerge out of it as a master.
Masters of Light are those, who express themselves only through this kind of awareness and the “human factor”, to which you always resort in each “failure” has no place here. Think on these words, meditate upon and seeks knowledge. It is about you finally remembering, who you really are.
Now to the initially mentioned ” final” stage in the ascension process .
It is known that a few days ago the first human being (Carla) ascended in body spirit and soul to the fifth dimension of creation and returned from there again. This fact has greatly accelerated the process of ascension. Today, those who are actually willing to leave this world – not out of frustration, but because they have fulfilled their orders – are ready to follow this ascension trail that this highly revered person has left.
This trail was “blurred” in recent days by the dark forces. That is, they created parallel 4D holograms, so to say, “synthetic” worlds, so that the ascending humans can get trapped / lost in them. This has already been announced by myself in a previous message. The purpose of this action of the dark forces was to delay again the ascension process, to confuse the people and to postpone the separation of the worlds, so that they would gain some more time to produce favorable events for themselves.
And the events are the more favourable for them, the more people fall off the path into the light, for the unredeemed fear emotions serve the sinister forces as a “food” source. Although the 4D levels were nearly depopulated, and shall still be, the forces of darkness need at least 500,000 slaves, so that they can continue with their game on the earth and from the earth.
Through the many levels (4D earths) that have been created, these forces were thrust into an abyss of fear themselves as they saw themselves left alone in the world and without any servants any more. That is, everything was and will be undertaken on their part to prevent the human souls from ascension.
In this last sequence before the “explosion of your ascension” (the  PAT supernova, note George) will manifest, these (dark) forces will display everything that is available to them. The current conflict in the Middle East indicates this. This conflict also indicates that currently among these forces great nervousness and disunity prevails.
The conflict in this region of the world is only postponed, but not canceled, because this war is a central component of the dark forces to accomplish the New World Order. So do not be fooled, this world is on the eve of the next great war and other incursions and attacks will follow. Here it is important for you to know that you, who will ascend, will have nothing more to do with all this.
It is unreasonable to deny this and it is likewise unreasonable to fear it.
Know that you possess a special protection and not only you, also individual groups of people, communities, countries and states have received from the spiritual light levels of being adequate protection and will, as needed, be individually or collectively taken out of all these dramas and will be heaved to the vicinity of 5th dimension. Anyone who rejects the drama and has redeemed his own dramas, is ready for ascension!
That means for the next few weeks :
1) The events are coming to a head. It is necessary to keep the nerves.
2) The unflinching view of all events is necessary because any denial or repression always follow an unredeemed fear programming.
3) All “synthetic holograms,” aimed at thwarting the return of the people into the light, shall be destroyed by the light levels of Being.
4) All people are called to discern the geopolitical events and to give up their unwillingness to look at them.
5 ) All people are called to perceive their still existing false programming and to give up their unwillingness or arrogance that everything has been already healed.
6) All people are encouraged to stay ready, without limiting or neglecting their everyday activities. One should limit or avoid:
a) Meetings that are untruthful.
b )Words that are untruthful .
c ) Actions that are untrue.
Loved ones !
The ability to discern in the external world is preceded by the fact that you have recognized yourself from within. It is as valid as ever to shine within yourself. The final work is pending. Please do not miss it, do not  postpone anything! At the current crossroad, the wheat is separated from the chaff one more time. The final steps seem to be the most difficult, because it is mandatory to throw off the last luggage, for verily: God is waiting for you without the tools that you have created for your travels throughout time and space.
Are you ready to leave this level, this world? Then come on – you’re expected!
At the end of this message we insure you: the ascension process proceeds relentlessly and cannot be thwarted by anything. The way into the light is paved for you and the time has come, when all that nowadays acts in an invisible manner will be unveiled.
You, masters of light: Be aware of who you are!
Angst is afraid of nothing more than of your light, those that belong to the dark world fear nothing more than your fearlessness. Shattered the chains, cut the Gordian knot with the lightsaber, which I have given you. Use it and a cool breeze will take away any load from you. Work with it, because it was given to you for this purpose.
The master of all masters Babaji dwells among you. He will guide you in the coming days and will assist you in a special way – and with him the entire heaven that serves humanity.
I am Archangel Michael
The worlds will be separated with my lightsaber. Do the same and cut with your lightsaber all “personal” connections to the worlds that have offered you a home so far and which you are on the verge of leaving for ever. Then you have arrived and we are facing each other on the fifth dimensional level of Being.
Welcome you, Master and King of Light !
How much we love you!