Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Everybody is on the game.Doesn,t matter if we know it or not.
We play either with the light or the dark .
Many came as a..winner and are going to loose.
Some came as ..a looser.They are leaving as a winner.
Because there is no guarantee.
The only guarantor is YOU.

University closed.Laboratories are shut down.
Lessons finished.Graduation tests ended.
Pens down..papers up.Time is up.
It is... end Times.
                                          Esu Sananda..

“To seek freedom is the only driving force I know. Freedom to fly off into that infinity out there.To be like the flame of a candle, which, in spite of being up against the light of a billion stars, remains intact.........” 
 Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan: the Sorcerer





Embrace your inner bad ass. Forget the inner child.  That was when you needed taking care of.  You can take care of yourself.  Twenty or seventy, your age has nothing to do with this.  Midwife or firefighter, your occupation doesn’t matter.  This is about that fearless you that sings in the shower, grins at strangers and does whatever the hell she wants, anything he wants.

You are needed.  Those that have been in control until now don’t know how to say goodbye.
They need you to help them.  It is way past over.

Bees have shown me the way.  Several weeks ago our son discovered a parade of them burrowing along the perimeter of the garage.  Turns out they’ve been there for much longer than we realized.  A huge hive was under the door, destroying property and growing.  

First, we energetically/psychically messaged them, asking them to move on.  No response.  Then we hired a “green” exterminator to gently encourage their departure.  He returned three times and they did not budge.  

As a last resort we plugged up every entrance to the hive with cement.  It was an epic battle in the final stages.  There were casualties on both sides.  DH was stung once; the house was splattered with cement as he bravely waved his spatula at them, sealing off their last entrance.  A few bees were squashed.

That was a week ago.  Today we have a newly patched and paved driveway.  In our backyard those same bees have re-built a hive.  We are okay with this location and they are content, busily going about their business.  Everyone won.  DH did what had to be done.  Somebody had to.

What’s running through your veins right now is YOU.  This power is ready to be used.  It’s humming with anticipation.  Our fellow creators, (the ones who don’t know how to say goodbye), will only go when there are no other options.  

This relationship will end when we activate what has been our truth all along.  As D (from Removing the Shackles) put it: “Fuck Off!  I AM a Beacon of Light!”  
We cannot sit silently by. Not if we want to get to the next part.

You’ll have to do what has to be done.  There are no controllers on a bad ass planet.  When all is said and done, the question will come – “Who made the deciding move?  Did they stop or did we seal up all their access points?” 

We may never know.  We humans like things seamless, with a happy ending.  It won’t really matter anyway.  What matters is the experiment is over and we did it.  We stepped up to the plate and took a swing, with that uniquely bad ass style of ours.  We did not disappoint.  

We were the Ones we were waiting for.