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When the Shit Will Hit the Fan in September

by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 26, 2013

by Georgi Stankov


Everything points out to a quick culmination of a series of devastating wars, military dictatorship in the USA and elsewhere and a number of major natural catastrophes and other calamities, on top of a worldwide financial crash, that will hit humanity in the next few days. The build-up is gargantuan and one must be deaf and blind as not to sense it. I do feel this surge of human darkness in a very painful manner.

And I even get angry in a very human way, although I should now rejoice at these long expected developments, as they will propel us to the higher dimensions. What I sense is a huge emotional build-up of the deepest and darkest human despicability and nastiness that will end up with a bloody war in Syria and the Middle East and this will be just the beginning of the end of this debased Orion civilisation.

Obviously the End Time scenario will be worse than planned even for the 8th to 12th levels of 4D and thus will follow the negative tradition set by the lower seven 4D earths, which are now completely destroyed and under the NWO. This scenario will unfold in a somewhat mitigated form on the upper 8th to 12th 4D levels. But make no mistake – it will still surpass all your worst nightmares and will throw the whole humanity in a profound shock, even though most of them are soulless, empty holographic images.

I will publish tomorrow the latest Jahn’s message from today that goes in this same direction. The facts are too obvious to be neglected now, even though they do not concern us, who will ascend before the shit will hit the fan in September and throughout the whole autumn of 2013.

Below is another very powerful message from “Blue Star speaks” that you must read as it also confirms my assessment – how dire the situation on the earth and with humanity really is. From what I gather, the final assessment of the state-of-the-art of the ascending portion of humanity has been made in these last few days, just on time with the end of the Lion’s Gate today, August 26th, and the bottom line is that the harvest is even more meager that originally feared.

According to this source, the calamities will commence in September and then will go on throughout the whole fall for all those, who will stay on the upper 4D earth and this will be the vast majority of potentially selected for ascension human entities. I now must assume that this will even apply to my whole family, which I considered to be old souls, what they definitely are, but very much mired by this Orion reality.

Only a month ago the perspective was much more rosy. This source paints indeed a very dire picture of this world and humanity and, as I must admit, this is also what I feel very strongly these last days. That is why I am so depressed, although according to Asama Mahatari’s latest message (will be published tomorrow) we, the light warriors from the PAT, should not succumb to this negative mood as it is no longer our responsibility what will happen with these souls.

But there is no doubt now that the vast majority will not ascend and will go first through a series of terrible experiences of huge catastrophes and total collapse of the Orion matrix as only a few millions will ultimately ascend to the 5th dimension with us in the first ascension wave, which may as well come this month, now that the ballast has been so radically reduced.

The rest will be fed in the numerous karmic loops at the higher 4D levels and will stay there as long as they learn their ascension lessons. From what I gather, most of the initially “firm” considered ascension candidates have changed their mind in the very last minute and have not responded to God’s call for ascension. They will now have to drink the cup of karmic poison to its bitter, empty end, before they can qualify for ascension in the indefinite future. This is no good news, but that is how the situation is crystallizing now in front of our very eyes.


Peoples’ toys, worldly disarray, and when AUTUMN leavesPublished August 25, 2013 | By bluestar Blue Star Transmissions Blue Star the Pleiadian - See more at: http://bluestarspeaks.com/2013/08/25/peoples-toys-worldly-disarray-and-when-autumn-leaves/#sthash.5LAwa9Xu.dpuf

Now, you ones need to arrive at a better understanding of how we let all the other Luminescents of all other Universes know of the deadly conditions we are witnessing here. The Luminescent of this Universe shares a type of silverish energy cord with all the other Luminescents. It is in this manner that they can all SIMULTANEOUSLY be privy to all that we see and all that we hear while they are still maintaining their own guardianship over all their worlds. So it is that we would transmit our recommendations to them about each person, place and thing. All energy streamers which have accompanied me and my brethren on this Earth Star walk stretch out and extend themselves so they can effectively connect with the benevolent energy streamers which are already here. Also, you ones need to be aware that the Universe which this planet is part of is constantly sending more of these types of streamers to Earth in a combined effort to combat the dark streamers which have been descending here for so long. It is in this contiguous manner that we have been able to stop many things from happening here which would have caused massive destruction to peoples and all other living beings.

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The dark alien virus - parasite : Determination of the state of the mass consciousness on Urantia


With this message from The Creator - Source,Christ Michael of Nebadon,and Kibo,we are Entering into the essense of the problem on this Planet.Collective conciousness is a victim of an artificial intelligense virus- parasite of darkness,which ,for reasons of better understanding,is determined as shadowmind.As mentioned already,in another of His messages,by CMichael,this virus - parasite of darkness,is Allien,s origin,and is brought here on Earth,from another Universe.

This dark parasite is the core - center of operations of the dark,for creating the world of illusions,and veiling Devine reality on Earth,in joined action,with the other sophistigated methots of deception,of the applied and estaplished system of control and dominion of socioeconomic network.This joined action of the virus - parasite and the other network of the dark,is creating a complete veiling of Reality,on both the collective,and individual Human conciousness.

This is the world of illusions or Non-Reality,based on false mind - mental preconceptions about reality.As a consiguense of the new world of illusions and the new reality,we have,both on personal - individual and collective level,a new sub-level of onciousness,which is completly separated from Devine Reality.Also and because of the parasite,and the combined actions of the dark,only 10% with the maximum 20% of the collective,are able to use their cababilities and potentials, see and comprechend,and finally perceive Devine Reality.

Through milleniums of deception of Humanity by the dark,and covering all aspects of life by darkness, new humans found themselves living on Earth.The Sleepwalkers!!

The sleepwalkers as subjects-patients infected by the alien virus-parasite,have no perception of rigt or wrong, - because of the false shadowmind preconceptions, - the universal law ,Devine reality,and the law of oneness.

We have to remember that The Company of Heaven,with the Ascended Masters,they made huge effords in the past for the Ascension of Humanity,and the shifting of collective conciousness to Christ conciousness.

The (failure) at those times,and the recend (failure) of the Ascension scenario on 21st Dec 2012, lyies with Humanity.As a collective,Humanity,failed to respond to the expectations

of Heaven.The Lightworkers-Lightworriors,Lightbearers,Adepts and Masters,they have done everything possible,to assist and guide the collective for the great awakening.They succeeded,through joined and constand efforts to balance circumstansess so far.

To create a balance bettween light and dark,but not enough to alter circumstansess and lead Humanity to Ascension.Conclusively,we need more awakened people.More Light,in order to combate this dark alien parasite,and lead Humanity out of the center of darkness.


Determination of the state of the mass consciousness on Urantia
By Kibo, CM and Source Jan 22, 2013 - 3:21:27 PM

It was determined that the patient was suffering from a mental parasite and that the damned thing had succeeded in taking over 90% of the synaptic pathways of the patient, thus rendering the patient into a deep state of sleepwalking which was controlled by the parasite itself. The fact that, through constant treatment, we were able to regain only another 10% of the patients consciousness, spoke to the insidious nature of the parasite.

The nature of the parasite, which we have named shadowmind, is that it seeks to live on its host, sucking the life and consciousness out of it, as it were, until the host becomes an empty shell, at which point the shell itself is operated to the point of infecting another lifeform, where the whole process starts over again. With each infection, the shadowmind parasite learns new strategies and techniques of control which it uses on the next, unsuspecting host.

Patient, at present, is completely unaware that it is infected and thinks that nothing is wrong, yet continues to show erratic and psychotic behavior bordering on the violently insane. Yet the patient feels that such behavior is completely normal and within the bounds of morality and ethics. We feel that the values of the parasite have replaced the moral compass of the patient to the point where all physical senses, as well as emotions, are overwhelmingly controlled by the parasite, with the exception of the uninfected 20%, which seems to have migrated all electrical activity to the area surrounding the pineal gland. It is this area that concerns us at present, as the shadowmind, in response to our ongoing and increasingly higher levels of treatment, has turned its attention to conquering this last holdout of the true consciousness of the patient. We have tried, on numerous occasions to explain and illustrate to the patient that it is suffering from this terrible creature, but patient refuses to acknowledge or accept our proof, stating that we must be mistaken and that such a condition is impossible. We feel that the parasite has lived off of the patient for such an extended period of time that the patient now feels that the illusions created by the parasite to trick their senses into doing the parasites will, is the normal state of life.