Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Adversaries : Acting out of the Template

Acting out of the Template
The Adversaries
The fallen Oness.

-Foreign people in a foreign land-

It was allow to these entities to enter into this planet by the most Hights
for certain reasons.Master minds in deception,manipulation and distruction.
You may say,distruction maniacs.That,s their job.To be the distroyers for their
master and his plans.They have no creative power in the first place,and they
had no intention anyway.
They do not know what is right or wrong.
They feeded only by the fear they create and distruction of any kind.
Because there is a missing link!!The have no soul!
They are outside of the Template.
Their actions are outside of the Template.
Just to see and explore the essense of darkness.
And see how far their master can go.And go with him.
You may find them in politics,in military,in big corporations.
They are face chifted.They are not humans.They hate humans.
At the beginning they wanted to enslave humanity.
Too many to be enslaved!!They decided the depopulation plan.
In order to exersise absolute control.Using the so called mass distraction wapponery.
Financial distruction of economic and banking institution .the first tested.
Driving people to poverty misery,and complete social and economic distruction.
Against the Devine Plan and Universal Law.
But they are foreign people in foreign land.
And there is no escape for them.
Because they are the Adversaries.And no place is waiting for them!!