Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A GREAT STORY - Your Story -

         BEYOND LIGHT AND DARK                                                                                                                   


You Have to Climb four steps - initiations - in order to be free from this reality.
You have to climb nine ( 9) steps,one each time,in order to reach the top of the mountain.
And become one - not equal - with your Creator Gods.!!

A GREAT STORY - Your Story  -

For those they  are in the knowing , Earth IS ONE OF THE SEVEN Sacred planets in the Multiverse,each one given life,by one of the Seven mind born Sons of GOD,the seven KOUMARAS,or the Ancients of Days.
Sanat Koumara,the LORD of the Day, is in charge of the Planetary  Hierarchy, for implementation of the Devine Plan on Earth.
Few Years ago a high official in USA  said in public :This planet is our planet and is for nobody else!One has to know from where is coming from,If he wands to know where is going!

The story begins almost one million years ago in Lemuria.Going back in time may be we find the answers.

Everything started that time in Lemuria, as a unique universal EXPERIMENT ,after CREATORS instructions ,and the LORD of the  Day in charge. By this term ,is meant that, Beings Incarnated on Earth,should be subjected to a new conditions ,and circumstances ,in a complete new field of experience.
This new field of experience,called  mother earth. Anything happens, or taking place, anywhere in the Universe,It Is with GODS Grace.

Experiment means, the power given by Father, to the sons and daughters, and the challenge so permitted, to become co-o creators On their new field of experience.

Creation and evolution, is based on Devine Plan, with which GOD is manifesting HIMSELF ,IN ALL ASPECTS.

Free Will means the right to choose and play  ,either,With Light, or Dark !! Is it any price on it? The answer is always the same. Cause and Effect. Actions and results. Costs and wins. Loss  and profits.

Fields of experience ,  aguired knowledge, conscious awakening  Spiritual awareness,  mastering –wisdom    Enlightment,  Liberation.

Free Will means free choice. Free choice is required both sides.Light and Dark.

Attached to the dark side, cooperating with ,in one way or another,on this 3d mode, is becoming a game of virtual reality, or a game of illusions ,based on deceptive methods, and coverage techniques,
misleading information, and false knowledge,redirecding and reoriendeting mans mental capability of actual assessment of the new environment or field of experience.

The ability of collecting ,processing,analyzing,guiding,or decoding information,and aguired knowledge,minimized through reduction or diminishing of mans twelve strands of DNA to tow(2)!!!

    As a unique universal experiment,condacted by GOD HIMSELF,destined only to give Light to darkness!!

All beings,participading on this experiment, signed contracts before incarnation on earth, coming from far away galaxies, of the universe.

The first wave incarnated on Earth those times,is been of high intelligence Beings or Masters of the wisdom, destined to be the  Leaders of humanity,until the End of Times,liberation,and final reunion ,with our celestial family,and Heaven.
On these very first Waves,most of our Ascended Masters and also Christ.Destination Origin unknown so far!
It is well to mention ,that the (10) ten DNA strands  physically disappeared during   this experiment.s period  ,were attached to the astral body or universal soul,and are to be repossessed 
by man ,through mastering and ascension.

   By diminishing humans ability of perceiving actual reality, upgrading deception methods and technigues,through manipulation ,control and power, system of dominion dark side created afterwards, continually ,for millenniums,controlled,this world of non-reality, veiled all aspects of human life,by darkness, leading humanity to the cross-lines, and almost complete distruction.,

     Due to the the determination and consistency ,of Lightbearers,beyond all odds, and with the assistance and guidance of All the Ascended Masters, and the Planetary Hierarhy,Light succeded to
stop the cown-down,to Earth,s complete destruction ,of the present civilization, by dark side, in case of loosing dominion, on Earth.
   The game now, is not for minimizing power of dark side, on earth, but is no darkness at all.

Planet Earth, is destined, with CREATORS Will and Grace, to return to ITS original destination, and destiny. Back to HEAVEN.

As Lord Kathumi stated, now is the time for everybody To choose! Either you are with Us ,or YOU ARE ALONE!