Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nebadonia message

By Rosie
Jul 30, 2013 - 3:46:51 AM
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Through Rosie, 30th July 2013

Dearest Children:

When you learn to walk with care and to observe minutely, a shrivelled leaf which falls into your hands will open up vistas of enormous proportions; you will instantly envisage the leaf as once green and luscious, uncurling in tiny tendrills, stretching its delicate fingers towards the sun. You will be aware of the cavernous underwater networks and systems which feed it. You will see not only one leaf, but a thousand such leaves on the same tree, and you will see not just one tree but millions of trees, not just on this planet but on millions of planets. You will be aware of the WHOLE UNIVERSE OF RISING SAP, OF LIFE STRETCHING FORTH TO FULFIL ITS DIVINE CODE, WHICH IS TO LIVE AND REBIRTH IN ENDLESS CYCLES. You will see YOURSELF and ALL OTHERS in relationship with this small shrivelled leaf. You will see not only one cycle of rebirth but MYRIAD CYCLES THROUGH ETERNITY, all within each other, all relating to each other, all revolving and involving all.

Those who have not learnt to see with spiritual eyes, however, will simply see a shrivelled leaf. Perhaps they will lament the end of summer. Perhaps they will grudgingly sweep the leaves up, considering them a burden to be disposed of. They are unaware that a single dry leaf can present them with a symbol or microcosm of the universe.

We place many such signs and mirrors in front of you, especially in times such as this where chaos, frustration and lack of transparency is at its peak. Consider a mirror: it is capable of reflecting truth or reality to you, even if you cannot see the object it is reflecting. Such mirrors are placed in your traffic systems at so-called BLIND CORNERS. We place signs at blind corners also, dearest children, for it is our greatest wish that you begin to see what serves you and what serves your communities.

If you are alert and discover these mirrors and their messages, you will be greatly blessed, as your clear picture of your world will help to guide others who sit, perplexed, on the garden bench, twisting the dead leaf in their fingers and brooding on the cold of winter. A new cycle starts, Beloveds, and the peak of pain is reaching culmination, paving the way for the swift downhill ride to the opposite and composite side of the picture – the view of eternal abundance as opposed to the supposed finality of death, the completion of a circle as opposed to the abrupt cessation of linear progression.

You find yourselves in astonishing times, Beloveds, if you keep your eyes open for the small signs we bestow upon you, as tokens and representatives of the enormous tranformations to come. We urge you to accept our help whenever you become downhearted. Our work is constant and we continue in order to benefit you. One day you will fall into our arms and know of this great love for you. Nebadonia.