Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mastering in Stupitidy - Arrogancy!!.

Tarketed Message

..because, with reluctance and resistance, are those knocking at the door of the Lord and ask for intake, whose key does not unlock the doors of heaven and whose light quotient is too low for the higher realms. Because up to the last moment they were following the disbelief and ignorance....
Esu Emmanuel Sananda.  


The Masterminds of Stupitidy - Arrogancy.

They suggest in their arrogancy and desbelief,that with
the mass distruction weapponery that they have,they can
distroy Humanity.
In their dispair and madness,they consider everything possible.
They are fuctioning  at the lower level of the spectrum of the whole
Creation.They do not know what the Light is,because they live in the
shadow world and always in darkness.Their inbreathing is fear and their
outbreathing is death.
They can,t create anything, because they are capable only for distruction
and uncreation.In their blindness and bottomless stupitidy, they mixed up
the key of the door of Paradise Isle with the key of their cocoos- nest and
the dog,s Planet,where they are going to find themselves incarnated!!
They can not distroy anything except their own existance.They can,t distroy
the eternal.And their eternity is ending here and NOW.
Any threat or negative action they are doing,is triggering the separation
of their world from our worlds,minimizing the distance from their new
and wild world.
0 +0 =0
0 x 0 =0

All the best in the neww Field of Experiense.!!