Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cyprus Elite- Troika : The choot to kill agenda or How to commit suicide!


Angels in Hell
Demons in Paradise!!!!
Leaders in the Light
or Leaders in Darkness?
1.Leaders are honouring people in all circumstansess.
2.Leaders are not deceiving their people.
3.Leaders are prodecting their people under any
circumstansess ,for any price.
4.Leaders choose to sacrifise themselves and their interests,
instead of their people and the puplic interest.
5.Leaders are service to the people and not service to self.
6.Leaders are not bargaining for their people destruction,
or servival in their own country.
7.Leaders do not accept to be humiliated or their people to be humiliated by people or individuals who are responsible for the systemic corruption and final distruction of the whole financial
8.Leaders are not making concesions of any kind,to any local or
international criminals or banksters.
9.Leaders are moving always in the Light and not in Darkness.
Moving within darkness for long time you become one and the like
with darkness.
Moving and acting within darkness a leader is not to srevice to the people,but to self.And in this case HE IS NOT A LEADER.

If they take everything from you, the Oil is under way.Have faith in your leaders!!!
You are going to do it again.Untill the next time.If any!!!

Two years ago,in an interview,a former Israele minister of foreign affairs stated,unsewring a relative guestion,the followings :
  - IN INTERNATIONAL ,political and economic affairs,there are no permanent enemies or friends,
but only permanent and constant NATIONAL INTERESTS.-
Conclusion : All the efforts of an organised state,should be focused,on the inplementation of the measures reguired,in order,to safeguard and prodect the servival of a state and the people.
An Enemy of today,is maybe,a friend of tomorrow,and vice versa,as National Interests,are in
constant change,according to the economic - political-geopolitical events,which are in a continuous
flow and change.
This funtamental rule in International affairs,is unfortunatly,out of our political leadership,s conceptions or perception.
The intentions,and motives - because of German elections - of the German Govermend,were very obvious during the last year.There was a constant and organised efford,contucted directly by A.Merkel and Mr.Soimpler,with the objective target,first to demise,and finally to destroy the financial and Banking System,in closed co-operation,and coortination,with Europian Institutions,
specifically by EUROGROUP.
What is taking place the last days in Cyprus,including the almost collapse of the major Banking Institutions,and the tragic results on the cyprus economy,and the cyprus people,is the final stage of
the German - Eurogroup,joined operation.They can say : MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.!!!
  Which are the responsibilities of our political -economic system,and leadership,for this tragic
outcome,for the lives of Cypriot people.
For many decates,the political system,suffered enormously by the lack of establishement of a modern
 Administrative controll system,which could guarantee and safeguard  the reguired
effective controll measures upon the oversized Cyprus Banking System.The failure of the political
system,and Public Administrative Institutions,to exersise an effective contoll upon the Cyprus Banksters,and their economic - financial activities and actions,resulted to these unprecedented
destructive consiguensess into the cyprus economy.
The actions of certain Top Executives of certain Bank Institutions for a long time,and the lack of controll by Public Administration,as provided by EEC and Cyprus Laws and Regulations,created
the conditions of the so called Reversing Seguensess Phenomenon,which potentially could result to the collapse of the whole system.,as finally almost happened.
Our political system through many decates, failed to established the necessary organisational structure,which in many ways could be a supportive element,through the recruitmend of high level
Educated people,and scientist in the field of  political and financial sciensess,- KNOW HOW-,as THINKING TANK.The use of this Know How in the most possible and positive ways,is the unswer
in compating and comfronding any predictable or unpredictable risks,events,and
circumstansess,through the Setting up of a  STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN which provides :
2.MEDIUM TERM        
3.LONG TERM              

Within these objective Tarkets,and the relevant scenarios,all possible risks must be under consideration,based on RISK ANALYSIS,and also on PROFIT and LOSS ANALYSIS.  
   From 16th March Cyprus is going through a hell scenario ,adopted and matterialised by Eurogroup
and The EUROPIAN COMMITTEE.We accept that our Banking System with the big problems,
consisting a potential systemic risk, threatening EUROZONE,s financial stability,had to be resolved in one way or onother ,Here and NOW.!!!
Some experts defined this -SHOOT TO KILL CYPRUS - operation,as an experiment.I think this is
correct,but in my opinion,is much more than this.This is the beginning of a series of operations
worldwide,which is destined to create global chaotic conditions ,as part of the  AGENDA of the global political and economic Elit,and then the establisment of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
People of Europe Welcome to the NEW AGE.!!!