Thursday, June 27, 2013

Christ The Son / Christ The Manu :Altering Circumstansess


Christ The Son.The Eternal Co-creator and Administrator
of All Universess  of Time - Space.


                              I am the wind and the rain. I am the sun and all that shines.

                              I am the heavens and all that does not shine.

                              I am the all  of  all-ness.I am the no-thing of no-thingness.

                                                         I am all that  and more.

                                                              I AM THAT I AM. 

                                    ALTERING  CIRCUMSTANSES  .     



For many centuries, old testaments and prophesies, within Christianity,but also within other religious, are stated that CHRIST/Christ consciousness, is to be the Savior of humanity, leading man to the new Land of Eden, to the New Jerusalem, to the new Golden Age.

Christ/Christ consciousness, is been, and He still is the Savior of man,And is been a bit confusing, how can we accept elimination of Humanity Based only on apathy and lack of conscious awakening, and spiritual awareness.
One of the major lessons derived from channeled messages from the Ascended  Masters, is that mastering and ascension, is not an achievement, and the reasons given are guide  satisfactory.

Father’s   grace  embodies all creation, transformed to compassion and understanding of man,s  actions, as a co-creator on  Earth, and  the human drama on this 3d mode world.
What is needed For balancing circumstances., and change also the flow of events.?
All  the Masters  agree in one vital  point. Few can make the Difference,But  many  can MOVE mountains. 
Wright or  wrong,humanity,s  expectations,hopes,and  dreams, are based On these ,long  existing  through Christianity,  beliefs and  deep  rooted Faith. There is no doubt  that,  for  altering  circumstances,GOD,S  way  Is  the only  way. But  how  one  is  perceiving  This  Way , is  a  matter  of Enlightment, and  wisdom.
Finally, what  is  giving  merits  to  a man,s  evolution,  and  shifting of  Consciousness, is  not   what  one  is  consistantly  thinks   or  he  believes Deep inside, but his  actions.
Actions  are  the  outpicturing  or  manifestation  of  one,s  thoughts, beliefs ,and  life  dreams, and  thus , is  what defines  one,s  Lower  or  Higher  self.
Words   are  currying  the  meaning  and  the  essence  of  the  masters  ideas, and  principles, in  such  a  degree, directly  dependant  on  receivers   awakened  consciousness.
The  purity  of  light, love  and  wisdom , anchored,   through  the  Central  Sun  and  the  MIGHTY  I AM  PRESENSE,is  from  within  the  Sacred  Triangle  of  the  Devine  Aspects  of  The  CREATOR, MANIFESTING  HIMSELF  in All  Creation. THAT  is  the  Devine-Sacred  Triangle  of  LIGHT, or HOLY TRINITY: Father-Son-Holy Spirit: Cosmic  Power/Love-Wisdom/Cosmic  Intelligence.
In this  critical  cycle  of  man’s  evolution, and  shifting  of  consciousness to  higher  levels of  existanse,all  energies  flows  with  GOD  Grace,Within the Sacred  Triangle of  
                                               Christ The Son/Christ Manu

                                            Spirit of Peace   Presentation1_001_Image_4.bmp   Avatar of Synthesis

All these  Devine  energies, as the  purity  of  the  aenaos  Love  of  GOD,are  transformed  to  a  lower  level  density,represended  as:


                                                   Sympathy  Presentation1_001_Image_4.bmpUnderstanding

Within  these  Devine  energies,man,s  drama  is  easier  to  be  conceived, and  GOD,s  will,Grace,and  Eternal  Love, to be  perceived.
Unconditional  love,caring,forgiveness,mental  and  spiritual  guidance to those  needing  help  and  support  ,is  what  The  FATHER  is  asking From  HIS  children’s  on  Earth
Limits  and  limitations  are the  causes  of  motivating  the  need  of  expanding  man’s  mental  and  mind’s  horizons, consciousness  and  awareness.
Does  Ignorance  is  the unconditioned  stage  of  knowledge?
Realizing  one  man, his  inner  desire  to understand, comprehend,and perceive the presence of his GOD  in all  aspects  of  creation, leads to the  path, and  return to the reality  of Heaven.
Duality,polarity,negativity are  the main  reasons  and  major causes  of  humanity’s  self-distruction,and  dissolution  of  our civilization  and  our  world. Does  our  world  is  still  in  the  pathway  to  fall  into  oblivious, through  complete   destruction  of  the  present  civilization?
Humanity’s    shifting  of  consciousness   to  Christ  consciousness, gives  hopes, and  raised  expectations, and  increases  possibilities  of  altering Circumstances.
Positive  thinking, loving  and  caring  attitudes, Christ  consciousness, God Likeness  in  all  circumstances, of  human  life, acting  through  the  heart, showing  compassion  in  all  occasions.Sympathy  for  man’s  negative  attitudes  and  attachements,based  on  lack  of  knowledge, veiling  minds  and  conscious  horizons.
Understanding   of  man’s   inner  desire  of  safety  ,and  guaranteed Conditions, against  predicted  or  unpredicted   future  events,situations,or  happenings.
Limitations  and  the  inside  need   for  altering  circumstances, is  the  cause  of  awakening, and  the  inner  desire  fo breaking  the  limits  between  man’s  capabilities  and  potencials,between  possible  and  impossible, and  conquer  the  unknown  so  far  reality, and  meet The  Father  and  the  master  within.
Dissolution  of  the phenomenon  cosmos, seems  to  be a  self  existing  element  within  all  creation. Anything  coming  into  existence  with  GOD,s  WILL  AND  GRACE  is  returning  back  to  its  primary  Source after  certain  periods  of  time, or  predefined  scheduled  cycles.

Vishnu  and  Shiva, creation  and  dissolution  of the  material  world, big  and  small  cycles, are  taking  place  in  different  stages  within  time-space  as  a  predefined   motivating  element  of  cosmic  evolution,  and  manifestation  of  the  Devine  Plan.