Friday, May 31, 2013

To the Dark Bothers :You are reflections in to the abyss of oblivion

Tarketed Message

Luciferians, minions,Remnants of Darkness,and others
gathered in Urandia
You see those faces?
You ,ve been asked to change it into a smile and hope.
And stay in the play.
You  refused. Because you think you are setting up the rules of the game.
You ,ve been trapped,(from the fall of Atlantis).You don,t wand to accepted it or to see it.
You chosed to remain blind and deaf.
Thinking in your blindless,you ,ll continue feeding your sickness and madness.
With pain,and suffering..
These belongs to the past.Your past.
What you see now,are reflections of your mind s sickness.
Are not real.It is the end of your journey into eternity.
And the beginning of your journey into oblivion!
Without return.You can,t controll your destiny any more.
Because you chosed the abyss of oblyvion.
You chosed to loose and die!!
Let it be so.!!