Sunday, May 19, 2013


Arrival on 5D

One will be taken off the street, while others remain, one will be taken from his job, while others remain. All those left behind will find simple explanations, because death in these days to come will send people on the move by the millions and shift them in all directions.

Primordial Source of All Being
chanelled by Jahn J Kassl on May 14, 2013
first published on May 18, 2013 in
translated by Björn Kurt

From the primordial source of all being, listening now ye children of humanity to this message! Words of comfort, words of love, words of Light, so you can rejoice and cheer in your hearts about the changes which the coming time holds in store for you.
Before and while the worlds will be separated from each other on the visible earthly plane, the levels 3D and 4D will be exposed to great changes. Changes which are caused by transformations of Mother Earth.
Which means these alterations of nature and magnetic reversals will change the face of the Earth overnight. This shift may shock many people and irritate even more – up to the fact that some of them will freeze – which is to be taken literally. This means for a very very short time the people these levels will be experience a fundamental shock which will dissipate only slowly in the time to follow from their energetic fields.
This shock is necessary so that, given later, a mindful growth is possible. Because a human society on these levels of being (3D-4D) can only grow if elementary events have made a lasting imprint in the souls of men. Growth through pain – growth without pain on these levels is only sporadically possible.
As a protection, as not to be confronted with the full force of the experience, mankind may find comfort in the ability of forgetting or repressing. Those ascending to 5D will neither be touched by these events nor experience any shock thereafter. Like looking through a window or a transparent curtain, it will seem to those ready to ascend, while they can follow scene by scene very closely.
This means that the transition occurs differently on 3D Earth as compared to 4D Earth, and 5D Earth again will obey to different laws. All the approaching events obey the plan of the Primordial Source of all Being and nothing will and can be attributed to chance or coincidence unless you assume that each man only gets what he deserves, what he has chosen or decided for himself.
In this phase of decoupling, which is fully underway, no level can interfere with the other one. All levels 3D – 5D are strictly separated from each other and all light corridors are impassable during this event. Access is only allowed to those light beings from the subtle realms which are directly involved in this change; the teams of the sky, the specialists from the realms of Being, which are responsible for ensuring that these planetary shifts are implemented in an optimal way.
It is important for you to know that the dividing lines will go right through your families.
Equally important is to understand that those people, who ascend to 5D, will experience no sorrow when they realize that their friends or family members cannot be perceived on the new plane of existence. The proximity to those stranded on 3D or 4D, in an awakened consciousness of 5D, is far greater in spite of the physical neighbourhood that was experienced on earth beforehand. An awakened consciousness obeys different rules and so you shall look forward to be looking at human decisions from a superior divine sight and realize that any sorrow disappears. This is a consolation for you, as now your vision is still rather blurry.
Immediately after arriving at 5D all people will undergo intense training until they reach the state of divine perfection. Then the re-orientation and realignment starts. Each Human is prepared for his new assignments and can also decide largely in a self-determined way and choose. Largely means, the divine intention, the will of God represents the overriding principle and an enlightened being always decides in unity with God.
After that many of these awakened people, the new Ascended Masters, will start to show up on 3D and 4D. At first mainly as a subtle presence because a physical manifestation on the two earths is not yet possible. On 3D this shall take 1000 earth years and on 4D up to 500 years of 4D-earth time. A period of time that represents in God’s Time Frame less than a blink of an eye and this will be past sooner than many of you will have completed the training to become enlightened masters of the worlds.
During this time you will get everything you have been denied so far: universal knowledge, omnipresent Being and all-encompassing loving Awareness. Vibration of crystalline nature which you are by then. Pure divine omniscient Awareness which will – based on his own decision – travel to the people which still do not want to conclude their journey in duality.
One will be taken off the street, while others remain, one will be taken from his job, while others remain. All those left behind will find simple explanations, because death in these days to come will send people on the move by the millions and shift them in all directions.

Only the Ascended Ones will realize the bigger picture. In this way the awareness of each Being is being helped and each choice will be complied.
The big time reveals itself and will unfold before you. Some inherit the dreamless sleep while others inherit the presence of God, His love and Light. All life obeys the divine rhythm that is inherent in all things – imbued and permeated are all things by