Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back Home : Time is out - Lights is Out.

Tarketed Message
- and It is not a Warning any more -

To the worshippers of Lucifer and the uncholy ones.

It is Finished.But..
You can,t see it ..
You can,t hear it....
Because you are so blind...
and so deaf...
Because you don,t wand
either to  see
or to listen.
You are offered the Grace of Christ Michael
and you rejected it.Because you think
you are somebody!
You are NOBODY.
You are an empty vessel
Your emptynes is like the void...
It has nothing to do with creation..
only with uncreation and distruction.
Your emptyness is filled only
by unconditional hate...
for those you consider as your slaves.
You think you are worthy..
But you are much deceived by
your ego....
You are less than NOTHING!!
and you are going back to NOTHINKNESS
where you belong.
The same as your Master Lucifer.
You can meet him in the ..
Because there is no place to hide
and there is no place to escape.
Time is out.Lights is out.
It is Judjemend Time.
You are already passed
Into the VOID.!!!
You are defeated and conguered in your
utmost ground.The only thing left for you..
is just to accept it.
It is finished!!