Saturday, April 13, 2013

THE ETERNAL EMBRACE (Message 12 from Nebadonia)

THE ETERNAL EMBRACE (Message 12 from Nebadonia)
Apr 9, 2013 - 1:17:24 AM

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Nebadonia through Rosie, 9th April 2013

Cherished Children on Earth: it is with alternating wonder and concern that we in the celestial realms regard you as you toil up mountains and surmount barriers of your own creating. On these tortuous paths and windings, reversing with each hurried and uncommunicated decision, we survey you walking separately and in disharmony. Know that wherever you walk, and whatever choices you make at the crossroads, you are in our eternal embrace.

We will not stipulate your decisions, but we will put up signs along the way which you may regard or disregard at your leisure, and which may spring out at you in moments of uncertainty.

The positive side of being uncertain, even for one split second, is that you may return to an increased state of confidence. To lose and regain is part of the progress which we observe on your earth. To fall and to continue, to fall apart and then reunite, to break and then to join, to despair and then to understand are all steps on the journey upwards to perfect poise, confidence, ability to judge and the emotional balance which is the prize of ascent.

And when this has been achieved, you will have attained the certainty of knowing that you are under our continual observance and in our ETERNAL EMBRACE AND PRESENCE. You will feel our smile upon you. You will lift your face towards ours, and this light will illuminate your path, throwing all shadows behind you.

This reward of perfect poise, as you stand on the very pinnacle of the holy mountain, can be observed by all those who are lost in fear in the valleys of no horizon. We advise you to continue walking, dear children, observing your progress carefully so that you may ever serve as a leader for those behind you.
We embrace you eternally, Nebadonia.

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