Friday, April 19, 2013

Open Your Eyes and See - Open Your Ears and Listen : The Writings Of THE MAD PROPHET OF THE MOST HIGH ELOHIM……


 The Writings Of


Christ Michael Aton, in Your might I rejoice, and in your salvation how greatly do I exult.  You have granted me my heart’s desire and the utterance of my lips You have not withheld. Selah!  For You anticipate me with blessings of good; you place on my head a crown of pure gold.  Life I requested of You, You gave it to me; length of days forever and ever.  Great is my glory in Your salvation; majesty and splendor You confer upon me.  For you set me for blessings forever; You gladden me with the joy of Your presence.  For I trust in Christ Michael Aton and the kindness of the Most High, Elohim, that I will not falter.  Your hand will suffice for all Your foes, Your right hand will find Your enemies.  You will make them like a fiery furnace at the time of Your anger; may Christ Michael Aton consume them in His justice, and let a fire devour them.  Wipe their progeny from the earth, and their offspring from mankind.  For they have directed evil against You, they have concocted a scheme they cannot carry out.  For You shall place them as a portion apart; with Your weapons You will aim at their faces.  Be exalted, Christ Michael Aton, in Your might we shall sing and chant the praise of Your omnipotence.

He sits and is still……………


He rises to stand and speak…..

Behold O Celestial Ones! Ye created children of Paradise! Ye citizens of the Havona worlds, manifest upon the Earth as the sons and daughters of God and man!  Ye who are awake…TAKE HEED!  FOR THE TIME IS NEARLY UPON YOU AND MUCH NEEDS TO BE DONE IN THE CONTINUING COSMIC FLUIDITY OF THE HERE AND NOW OF TIME AND SPACE!  Throw off the last of your shackles and attachments to what has been and prepare thee the way for what is to come. 


He rises to stand and speak:

Hear me you sleeping gods and godlings, ye children of the gods!  Hear me, you starseeds still nestled in the dirt!  You are dreaming a dream within God’s dream of you.  You think your dream is your reality, but that is a lie!  You are dreaming a dream that has been given to you, imposed upon you, forced upon you, by the shadowmind!  You dream a nightmare and you think that you are awake…….but you are not.

Shall I call you sleeping beauty?  Shall I fight the demons of your nightmare and find my way to you?  Shall I kiss you with all of my love that you may awaken?  Will my kiss do?

Will God’s kiss do?


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