Saturday, March 23, 2013


We know that for any problem,there is no magic solution.In these casess there is no easy way for
facing the situation.But everybody knows,that when the Knight comes,next day we,ll have Sunrise.
After the dark nights,Light follows,and this is a cosmic Law.It is up to us,and only up to us.
This time, we have to move on,without DECEIVING OURSELVES,by creating false expectations
for all of us.We have to follow certain practical short - medium terms scenarios in order to mininimize the negative effects of this chocking political decision of EUROGROUP AND EEC.
We have to recognise as a collective,but mostly our political leadership,that by becoming a member
state of EC,has certain obligations,in all fields and in all levels of interaction with the other member states.It seems that,what we consider as fair or unfair,or our conceptions about justice,or about what,s
Right or Wrong,DOES NOT COUNTS!!It is only about
All the strategic plans from NOW and on,has to move within these parameters,and within these limits
and limitations.There is a silend or not-proclaimed war for certain countries,for not following the DIRECTIVES of Brussels.
There is a war of KEEPING  Balance,economic and financial stability,banking system controll,because of the Dept Crisis Issue,which is theatening the foundations,and therefore the collapse,of the whole system.
If a member state for Its own reasons,is playing an IN - OUT game in the name of Sovereigty and justice,without a try to follow,and comply with these  DIRECTIVES, is becoming a live example,
to what is happening in case of DISOBEDIENSE and NON-COMPLIANSE.
Part of our drama is lying with us,because of the insufficiency of our economic - political Elit,during
the last years,and the NO ACTION plan of our political system,which is thereby interpreded,as a weakness,to realise the size and the essense of the problems arised,and also the incabability to suggest,impose,and apply certain  measures,for avoiding  the economic and financial detorearation and collapse of the whole system.
Regarding the resposibilities of the EUROGROUP because of their actions,and their chocking decisions against Cyprus People,and the Drama created because of the almost collapse of our Banking System,a lot is said,and more is to be said ,not only by us,but also from many, either in Europe or Globally.
There is a cosmic Law.The Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT.According to this Law,evrybody pays the price from our actions or lack of action.And this is not only for us.Who is responsible for the drama created in Cyprus,and who has to pay for it ?