Monday, March 25, 2013


Αfter the surgery strike and the destructive results as a conciguense,
to the lives of one milion people,mostly innocents of the mistakes
of the banking Elit,His Exellancy The Prime Minister of Finland,
He stated in great joy.
- After our strike,and the distruction of the Banking sector completly,
Cyprus left,with what should be left,long time ago. -
This statemend,proves beyond any doubt,the poisoned way of thinking,
and  hatrace ,of the new NORTHEN ALLIANCE.
Because of this statement,and also other made by mr.Soimpler,
and because of their positions in International affairs,
a very importand scientific guestion arises.
- Does the hearts,of certain people within the Northen Allianse,
have been replaced by the scientist,by a piece of ICE,and how they dit it,
in order,is succesfully fuctioning .!!!