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Iran: Follow the Money - with Foster Gamble


Follow the Money

Russia has been making headlines
lately, for having acquired gold reserves
that are second only to South Africa's.
China, India and Iran are also leaders
in the acquisition of gold.

What is this all about? Some believe
that there is a concerted effort on
behalf of these and other nations to
implode the value of the dollar,
leaving those holding the gold calling
the shots.

Iran is already trading their oil for
gold and it is this, according to Foster
Gamble that is the real cause behind
the saber-rattling that we have been
hearing from the US and Israel for so
long about threats to invade Iran.

And if we look back at history, we find that
Saddam Hussein was making noises about
moving away from the petrodollar, shortly
before he was invaded. The propaganda
around Iran sounds eerily similar to what
happened in Iraq.

So, my question is, are Americans essentially
being set up to support an invasion of Iran
because the alternative would spell the
destruction of the dollar?

It's been suggested that the dollar's collapse,
would cause the collapse of all other fiat
reserve currencies, such as the Euro,
unleashing unimaginable havoc around the
globe - but the biggest trading partner of all
the gold-hoarding nations, listed above is the
European, that being the case,
would dollar death inexorably lead to the
collapse of the Euro?

Maybe. Since the European Union's biggest
customer is the US.

The Biggest Trading Partner of all the
Gold-Hoarding Nations is the European Union,
So, Would Dollar Death Necessarily Collapse
the Euro? Maybe. The EU's Biggest Customer is the US

Alexandra Bruce
February 13, 201


"If we follow the money [behind the saber-rattling of the US and Israel in threatening a war with Iran], it turns out that Iran is already starting to trade their oil for gold, rather than dollars. With India, China and Russia lining up to do the same thing.

"Well, that would seriously undermine the US dollar, since it's propped up only by confidence and military power - not by any commodities or strength in the international market.

"So, if we look back at history, we find that Saddam Hussein had also talkedabout selling his oil for Euros, rather than dollars -- and it was shortly after that, that he was invaded...

"This propaganda around Iran sounds eerily similar to what happened in Iraq. What I often do is look through the lens of "Problem-Reaction-Solution." It's also called the "Shock Doctrine" or the "strategy of tension" but basically, it's a technique to create a problem and bring in a solution that would otherwise be unacceptable to the the people. So, in this situation, the problem is the idea that "Iran's going to be too dangerous with a nuclear bomb"...and now, just recently, Obama has come out with a second type of problem which he's identified, which is the "Threat of Iran undermining the international community in its global economic policy.

"Now what he's referring to, a little more blatantly is [Iran's tactic of selling petroleum] for gold, rather than dollars. So - this is "the problem" - we're being set-up again.

"So, often times, when there's a problem, there's a false-flag operation attached to it -- like there was in the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11 - and many other incidences...but what I want to encourage people to look for, which is something like the USS Enterprise - a big but old aircraft carrier, which has been moved to the Straits of Hormuz - it's scheduled for decommission next year, so it could be very convenient it if were attacked and sunk. It has three nuclear reactors on it, so the waste would go there, they'd avoid the $billion + costs associated with decommissioning it and use it as an excuse to get into a war with Iran.

"So, what's the 'Reaction' they're looking for? Fear among Americans that oil prices are going to rise or that our friends in Israel are going to be attacked.

"An what's the 'Solution' they're looking for? I think it's the justification to invade Iran [and their] undermining the sale of oil for dollars, prop-up the dollar a little bit longer and justify the taking over of [Iran's] oil and trade routes.

"So, what can we do, as individuals? I suggest that you continue to *translate*, as effectively as you can, any news you're listening to into what you think is really true."


February 10, 2012

The Problem/Follow the Money

Investigate any major sector of human activity and you will discover the same people are in control, benefiting financially, literally making out like bandits. Check it out for yourself. By getting a clearer picture of the hidden economic incentives that are driving this unseen robbery, we can create more effective solutions to the problems facing humanity.

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