Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things Could Suddenly Accelerate

Things Could Suddenly Accelerate
By CM and Nebadonia thru Johan
Jan 11, 2013 - 11:58:11 PM
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Dearly Beloved Light Workers, Star Seeds, Seeders of Light, Our Children Near and Dear to My and Your Mother Nebadonia's Heart,

Like We ( CMAton and Mother Nebadonia ) work as One in Purpose and Functioning Together, so is OUR ( Your and My ) Oneness fundamental, in and through the same Mind/Spirit.

For clarification, in whatever situation YOU will find yourself, we like you to Know and Fully Trust that, since times are ahead where you might DO VERY GOOD KNOWING AND REMEMBERING JUST THAT.

Tests are meant for personal growth and strengthening BUT AN UNDERSCORING OF OUR ONENESS IN EXISTENCE is important for all of you who stood your ground through thick and thin. Those who practiced and experienced their Inner Connections and Oneness will fare better, BUT IN NEED, WE WILL BE THERE FOR AND WITH YOU.

Things can suddenly accelerate and so it's better to prepare to the best of your ability as should always be the case, but We deemed it better to inform you sincerely. More simple things as unexpected flooding and unusual winter weather can throw many people for a loop, SO TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED AND PREPARE AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE.

We are bringing this short message after the Targeted One today, so you would take this to heart more then just another statement.

That will be all for now.

Your Sovereign, CMAton and Mother Nebadonia.

Love and Light,