Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Illusions - New Reality.

Do not see with the Eyes of your mind
See only with the eyes of your heart
Do not listen to the voice of your Ears
Listen only to your voice of Silense !!

Many  factors have  created the objective,and subjective conditions of SEPARATION from the Devine Reality.
-Instaid of looking up to the skies, for discovering our destiny and destination,we are looking down to the valley of shadows, through broken mirrors and the eyes of mayia.- 


 The distortion of the objective and the subjective world,because of the gravity of Matter,the Density and Vibrations, - Conditions causing distortion or misfunction within Reality, - are creating the world of illusions,and the main cause of the SEPARATION from any aspect of the DEVINE.

 Travelling within matter,and far away from our original state of conciousness,is been a challenge.A challenge for altering the.. imposible,in a stage of comlete amnesia,and lost identity.The challenge is been only ours.The choice for being here is been only ours.The decision to get out,and open our wings and fly again,it is only OURS.

 The separation from the Devine,is causing a course of reversing seguensess,and further dettachement from any form of Light,which in turn is leading to the so called,Dark nights of the soul, - occuring in one,s life time,which in a mysterious way is modivating the inner desire to find our Higher self, - and discover the path for the return back to Light ,and to the Reality of Heavens

Pictures from
Skopia.deDigital Art
by Volker Schmalzalz