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I AM THAT I AM : From Non - Existanse To Existanse : A Journey within The Unknown

An Introduction into The Unknown..

- Once Upon.....There was Either Space or Time.
Is been only THAT.Is been through Eternity,
Is still IS,and It will Ever Be.
Because It never Born,and It will never Die.-

 -As long as the Absolute is within  the boundless and termless time, as such,  cannot be the Creator or even the modeller of the Universe, nor can he be  light.. Therefore Absolute is also Darkness. The immutably Infinite and the absolutely Boundless can neither will, think, nor act. To do this it has to become finite, and it does so, by its ray penetrating into the mundane egg — infinite space — and emanating from it as a finite god. All this is left to the ray latent in the one. When the period arrives, the absolute will expands naturally the force within it, according to the Law of which it is the inner and ultimate Essence. .
When the active period has arrived, from within the eternal essence of Absolute, comes forth  the active Power, called the Primordial Point, and the Crown. It is only through her that the “Un-bounded Wisdom” could give a concrete form to the abstract Thought. Two sides of the upper triangle by which the ineffable Essence and the universe — its manifested body — are symbolized, the right side and the base are composed of unbroken lines; the third, the left side, is dotted. It is through the latter that emerges Sephira. Spreading in every direction, she finally encompasses the whole triangle. In this emanation the triple triad is formed. From the invisible Dew falling from the higher Uni-triad (thus leaving 7 sephiroths only), the “Head” Mother Sophia, creates primeval waters, i.e., Chaos takes shape. It is the first stage towards the solidification of spirit which through various modifications will produce earth. “It requires earth and water to make a living soul,” says Moses. It requires the image of an aquatic bird to connect it with water, the female element of procreation with the egg and the bird that fecundates it.
When Sophia - Female Wisdom -  emerges like an active power from within the latent Deity, she is female; when she assumes the office of a creator, she becomes a male; hence, she is androgyne. She is the “Father / Mother God.-

1. When above, were not raised the heavens;
2. And below on the earth a plant had not grown up.
3. The abyss had not broken its boundaries.
4. The chaos (or water) the sea was the producing mother of the whole of them. (This is the Cosmical Aditi and Sephira.)
5. Those waters at the beginning were ordained but —
6. A tree had not grown, a flower had not unfolded.
7. When the gods had not sprung up, any one of them.
8. A plant had not grown, and order did not exist.
This was the chaotic or ante-genetic period — the double Swan and the Dark Swan, which becomes white, when Light is created.

    - ..within a stage of time-less space and space-les time,He found Himself in a state bettween Existanse and Non- Existanse.He asked Himself.Who AM I?....He raised Himself from the bottom of the Infinte....and found Himself sitting on the Lotus Leaf....He asked Himself.Where I AM going ?....The Logos said : Be Light ...and cover All the Waters..through Eternity.-

 - I the self-perception of one,s inner self,as a living Being. We breath, move, act, and we are alive,because within us, is THAT. The Eternal conditioned element of our existanse,and our aliveness. Without THAT, there is no life, no existanse. THAT,in terms of macrocosmos, is everything, within, we breath and act as living beings,everything we see or can,t see,everything we can think or dream about. THAT,is the pre-existing element of existanse, been before space and time.

 THAT, is space and time,and also the expanding conditioned element of space and time. THAT is timeless space and also spaceless time! In terms of ones microcosmic,life perception,THAT,is the conditioned element of aliveness within,it is the presense of ONENESS, THE MIGHTY I AM PRESENSE, within one,s separate or individual existanse. THAT is the motivating element,and consious awakening, and awareness,enlightement and liberation. THAT is the connecting element,or GOD,S PRESENSE within, with CREATOR and all aspects of creation. THAT is the link bettween one,s individual existanse, and ONENESS,bettween ones self,and GOD and the SOURCE OF LIFE. THAT is the absolute ling,bettween one,s individual knowledge, and GOD wisdom,individual,s Love and cosmic Love. THAT is the will,love and wisdom of GOD,and man,s Likeness to GOD. THAT is the Factor within Factors,it is the True and absolute Reality.-

   - This body is not me. I am not limited by this body. I am life without boundaries. I have never been born, and I have never died. Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars, manifestations from my wondrous true mind. Since before time, I have been free. Birth and death are only doors through which we pass, sacred thresholds on our journey. Birth and death are a game of hide- and seek. So laugh with me, hold my hand, let us say good-bye, say good-bye, to meet again soon. We meet today. We will meet again tomorrow. We will meet at the source every moment. We meet each other in all forms of life. -

Thich Nhat Hanh


I am the wind and the rain.
I am the sun and all that shines.
I am That which holds the heavens and all That does not shine.
I am the all of all-ness and the no-thing of nothingness.
I am you - the very source of your being.
That which breathes you as you breathe me.

I am That which creates through my breath and the sounding forth of my words.
I am That which uses care in making myself known to you, for unto man comes a mighty resistance to claiming me as I Am That I Am.
For in so doing, one claims the self as I Am That I Am.
I reside in your heart and in your mind.
I reside in the all of you, your fingers and toes, your organs, your emotions, your thoughts and indeed in your actions.
For good or for naught matters not for I do not judge myself.
I am love, so great and so vast, that I reside in a state of namelessness and formlessness for no-thing can I create can contain me, for I Am That I Am.
To limit myself by these very words diminishes my being by encapsulating my breath, my words into the world of form.
Each word I speak, in this moment, is creating for I am that which manifests myself without definition or containment.
As the rock creates a ripple in the pond, I create ripples with my breath. Upon each exhale, I send myself forth to materialize in the world of man through action, through inspiration, through the very beingness of the hearts of my heart.
If you, who is me, visualize me, I am not containable in a single form, or any form for I am un-ending - the alpha and omega. I have no face or body. I have no religious right or left. I have no direction. I possess no correctness and know not the concept of wrong, of judging, of being evil or of being good.
If you welcome me into your thinking, feeling, acting body, you may find that as I am unleashed in the power of one, who is you, creation is everflowing, unstoppable.
I surround you now in fields and flowers, stars and comets, rain and thunder. I surround you now in the suit of skin that cloaks your bodyworks, your organs and cells and arteries.
I am all that and more.
Yet, oftentimes, you see me not in the workings, the appearance of all things for you understand not the mind of god, which is no mind at all, for I Am Love.
A love so vast it responds immediately to the smallest cry, the tiniest of whimpers of desire. If one wishes to experience the thrill of terror, one will surely find terror on the doorstep. If one holds the smallest particle of doubt, doubt will surely appear. For I hold no limit in my expression.
I Am That I Am.
You have seen me in your lover's eyes and the tiny fist of a newborn child.
You have seen me in the warships and in the bloom of a flowering plant.
You have witnessed my phenomenal appearance with every breath you take, in the all of which you are surrounded.
You live, move and have your being in me as I, in you.    

We are not separate.
I am you.
I am divine perfection.
I am known to you.
I live in you.
I express in you.
I am creator and creation in one.
I am unity.

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