Monday, January 14, 2013



- Perfection lies within the ultimate dream of the Devine Intelligense.It is not a static conditioned condition,but an evolving and expanding condition,within the
parameters and limitations,set out by The Creator Himself,within the Universes
of time and space - .
 - Within this state of  continuous evolution and expansion of the Devine Intelligense,within the Universess of time and space,the Ascension process,is one of the means of accomplisment of the evolving and expanding Devine
perfection,and manifestation of The Creator,s Dream,within time and space.-

- Ascension is the chifting of human conciousness to Christ Conciousness.The birth of Christ,The One and Only One Son of God,The Eternal Son,within our
heart,and rise into our conciousness -

  For avoiding any missundersdanding,i have to point out that:
I,M not channelling any higher source of Light,or Light Being,so i,m not claiming,that what i,m saying is the true,the only true,and nothing but the true!!
  Therefore,what i,m saying,is what i believe myself,is true,as i perceive Reality in the Now,with the assistanse and guidance of my own Light within.
It is very obvious,that unseen or invisible entities,acting for their own interests,
they try to make us beleive,that we failed in everything so far,and so we are a complete failure.And that goes also to Lightworkers and Lightbearers.In my opinion,this is not true.
   For long time the main issue for channellers and channellings,is been the Ascension process and mass Ascension of the Collective to the 5th Dimension.
The given date, from very different but reliable sourcess, for this Great Event, for both Humanity and Mother Earth, was the 21/12/2012 .On 12/12/2012 all sacret crystall grids round the Globe, which have been deactivated during the fall of Atlantis,have been reactivated in full power.
   As AAMetatron stated in His channelled messagess,the whole issue in respect of the crystall grid,s activation process,was destined to change the energy fields,and help mother Earth and Humanity,to ascend to 5th Dimension.
  On 21/12/2012 nothing Big - atleast visible or noticable - happened in our 3D
mode of experiense.We can say beyond any reasonable doubt,that the 21st of
Dec.was the date of the Non - Event,and also of Non - Ascension,as is been expected by all of us.But really nothing happened?For those expecting to be relocated after Ascension,into a higher and better field of xperiense,yes,nothing happened.
The Heaven let us down again...,Heaven failed to keep the promises
and so on,are some of the comments !
 For those believing that Ascension was and still is,a re-location of conciousness,
many things happened.From the very beginning it was stated by the Masters,
that Ascension is awakening - awareness,mastering-graduation - Enlightment - Liberation.
  Ascension is the chifting of human conciousness, both in personal and collective level,to Christ Conciousness,and therefore the new higher field of experiense,is the new higher state of Human - Christed conciousness.
Change your dream,and everything you dream about,is going to be manifested
as your new World and as the new Earth. 

   Reality is the outpicturing of the Devine Dream within Time - Space,and as a creation, is an extension of the Creator Himself,and it is also the means of experiense through what HE had created.

  Christ Michael of Nebadon,the Creator of our Universe and our Creator is the 611,121st bestowal of the Eternal Son upon the universes of time and space, and he began the organization of our local universe about four hundred billion years ago. Michael made ready for his first bestowal adventure about the time Urantia was taking on its present form, one billion years ago.

  -  My experiential knowledge is obtained through you.  Just as my creations are extension of me, so I am an extension of the Creator Source. He experiences Nebadon through me as creator son, and you the inhabitants of my creation provide the information I use as creator at this level. Your free will to make decisions for yourself is limited to the parameters I have determined to be the design of the universe you inhabit. Similarly, my plans for my universe were approved to meet the vision of the Creator Source of all.-
   - It is time for my creations to understand my vision. It is time for Nebadon to fit within the vision of my Creator father.- Christ Michael of Nebadon.