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Creator Son Christ Michael of Nebadon


Creator Son Christ Michael of Nebadon.

Christ Michael of Nebadon,the Creator of our Universe and our Creator, is the 611,121st bestowal of the Eternal Son upon the universes of time and space, and he began the organization of our local universe about four hundred billion years ago. Michael made ready for his first bestowal adventure about the time Urantia was taking on its present form, one billion years ago.

- My experiential knowledge is obtained through you. Just as my creations are extension of me, so I am an extension of the Creator Source. He experiences Nebadon through me as creator son, and you the inhabitants of my creation provide the information I use as creator at this level. Your free will to make decisions for yourself is limited to the parameters I have determined to be the design of the universe you inhabit. Similarly, my plans for my universe were approved to meet the vision of the Creator Source of all.-Christ Michael 

The Bestowals of Christ Michael

 The attribute of bestowal is inherent in the Paradise Sons of the Universal Father. In their desire to come close to the life experiences of their subordinate living creatures, the various orders of the Paradise Sons are reflecting the divine nature of their Paradise parents. The Eternal Son of the Paradise Trinity led the way in this practice, having seven times bestowed himself upon the seven circuits of Havona during the times of the ascension of Grandfanda and the first of the pilgrims from time and space. And the Eternal Son continues to bestow himself upon the local universes of space in the persons of his representatives, the Michael and Avonal Sons.

When the Eternal Son bestows a Creator Son upon a projected local universe, that Creator Son assumes full responsibility for the completion, control, and composure of that new universe, including the solemn oath to the eternal Trinity not to assume full sovereignty of the new creation until his seven creature bestowals shall have been successfully completed and certified by the Ancients of Days of the superuniverse of jurisdiction. This obligation is assumed by every Michael Son who volunteers to go out from Paradise to engage in universe organization and creation.

The purpose of these creature incarnations is to enable such Creators to become wise, sympathetic, just, and understanding sovereigns. These divine Sons are innately just, but they become understandingly merciful as a result of these successive bestowal experiences; they are naturally merciful, but these experiences make them merciful in new and additional ways. These bestowals are the last steps in their education and training for the sublime tasks of ruling the local universes in divine righteousness and by just judgment.

Earth Changes & Ascension Plan for Planet Earth
 - You have all agreed to come to the Planet, any one of you reading this, or you are a more experienced Earth Soul, choosing this time to be part of this extremely unusual journey with me. We are all working together, Two or More in My Name, to mend this Planet, and restore through my Correcting Time, where she ought more to be at this point in her history. We are not only correcting the Time, through this joint experience, we all are together, even myself, the Creator Son, greatly adding to our combined experience, learning on a bigger learning curve, making known the unknown. At the conclusion of this mighty project, together we will have made greater progress in our knowledge, our experiential learning than had we adjudicated the Rebellion of Lucifer with massive arrests, and rapidly putting an end to it. I chose to let it to go through to a natural end. Despite that some might disagree with this, to this end, we together are making known the unknown to the Father, and as I look back at my 300 Billion years in Nebadon, and my theorem I set out to test, I would do it all over again. It is no longer a theorem, it is now known.  To understand that situation better, because I had never personally experienced the Galactic Warring problem in Nebadon, I came together with one very highly experienced in this arena, Immanuel Esu Kumara [Jesus/Sananda]. He had quite a few previous incarnations on the Planet;Now, to those who know me through The Urantia Book, I have been the stand in for the Planetary Prince, Caligastia who was "fired" when I was here. I delegated that to Machiventa Melchizedek, as recorded in Urantia, and according to your current knowledge. Some people think that "Jesus" was Melchizedek, and Adam, and David, and on and on. Not so. Machiventa was Machiventa, one trip bestowing himself to Urantia, and working with Abraham, as is told in The Urantia Book. Now with the “Second Coming” Event, Sananda Immanuel does become the Planetary Prince of Urantia. I have a couple of other Ascending Sons in similar positions in my Universe, and an Ascending Son also in a position of System Sovereign. These jobs, in my Universe, do not have to be held by the Descending Sons, and in the Rebellion Worlds, I have learned that the Ascending Sons, with their vast experiential learning, better understand those worlds that have rebelled. So be it, with Sananda. Your World has set itself aside, made itself different, decided on a different box, so it can have a different leadership. Lucifer was not all wrong, he thought he had a better way, but his Ego was a huge problem with him, his Ego remained so strong, that at the end, at his trial, he chose to be uncreated, rather than come out of his box, and try on a different hat. For the time being, Sananda Immanuel has adopted Urantia, Earth Shan, as his home, for his future experiencing as a Planetary Prince. He is one of you, who understands who you are, and what you want, because he has been there and done that. I chose not to squelch the Rebellion, because I created my Universe to be in a different box, rather not in a box, and the sad part is, that Lucifer did not understand that. In his quest to do his own thing, he created a very limiting box, and this is what is behind the rebellion of Lucifer in the first place. He was not happy with how I ran my Universe; he felt his system needed to be more within the box. It needed more rules. He felt with his ideas, he could actually speed up evolution, but instead he set it back. So we now have The Correcting Time. Sananda Immanuel does not desire to remain the Planetary Prince forever, nor should he be. He will, as he stated in one of the messages with Candace, vacate the position when you are all grown up, and elect your own. In the Lucifer Rebellion, this is what some people did want, to run their own affairs, and you know what, all he had to do was ask, and present a viable plan, not carry out an insurrection. I am very open to testing a theorem, providing the parameters are well thought out. Many of you are amongst the "Fallen" Angels. You are now Ascending Sons, because that is what you desired and I gave you that gift. I will not hold you hostage, that is not how I go about my business. I have given this to many in my realm. Some Descending Sons [of the Paradise and Havona Central Worlds] chose to take an incarnational journey, to experience in various realms, including 3D, to understand their jobs, as Descending Sons, of raising up the Ascending Sons of the evolutionary worlds. Most chose to return as Descending Sons, continue the job for which they were created. Some find they do not want to continue in the job description for which they were created by me, and would rather become Ascending Sons, and this I grant also, 100% of the time, if the wish is true and desired, and the long incarnational journey of study understood. Those of you in the teaching mission who have not read Candace's works with us, have missed out a bit in the knowledge, and I suggest you do read them, for some more of the ongoing story. But, there was the failure of the Adam and Eve mission to inject the violet DNA into Earth's peoples. Also the Anunnaki/Nibiruans severely messed with the DNA of Earth's peoples. To repair this, I came into the world with DNA from Gabriel, very "high" DNA. The reason The Urantia Book does not cover this, and tells instead a slightly different story, is because our Dark Ones hunt down those with the higher celestial DNA and exterminate any carriers of it. I did indeed leave this double incarnation at the time of the Cross, and Sananda was healed, actually the special body healed, and then Sananda carried the genetics to India where he married and fathered 5 children. He and Mary Magdalene also brought a female child, SaRa into the world, in Europe. Mary Magdalene was the incarnate Lady Nada, Sananda Immanuel's Soul Mate. Mary Magdalene, as well as Mother Mary carried some improved DNA also, as did the person that Sananda married in India. The recent novel by Dan Brown, “The DaVinci Code”, discussed and did teaching about preserving the DNA from SaRa, and the conspiracies to kill off the carriers of the Holy DNA. Since 2000 years ago, many have come, bringing in the superior DNA from other planets, raising up the DNA of this world. The Urantia Book [in 1934] could not discuss this, also it denied reincarnation, because of protecting the Star People incarnating to work for me, and bringing some DNA along with them. They also, while incarnated repair the existing DNA, and the Karma it carries, taking on the Karma of others, and releasing the patterns in the DNA, early in their lives before they reproduce, healing the Karma of this Planet in this manner. The other reason is that during the event, the Earth will be cleansed of the negative thought forms, the lower Astral entities up to no good, and the Animus, that Candace has mentioned in her Red Blob story. These are going into the Sacred Fire that annihilates them; they shall be no more. Earth will not see this visually. In a way, this is Hell Fire, for all Eternity that is taught on Earth, but totally misunderstood. No one will see flames, and it is for eternity, because if you no longer exist, you can't return. This is what is called the Second Death, from which there is no return. I AM a Master Creator Son, and can now order this. I do not carry it out, the SuperUniverse does. I do this with great sorrow, but out of necessity. The Animus, as told of at are an artificial race, they do not have the intelligence of the Ascending Sons, and are predatory in nature. They do want a body, but do not want the responsibility of the Ascending Journey. It is time to end their reign of terror. The negative thought forms are not real entities, and they can't take the journey. Mankind does not know how to rid himself of them, so I will do so. Some of the other lower Astral, and negative 4D entities will be removed to the Void Planet. The rest will face extinction of personality. This is the adjudication of the Age, and much of this is handled by the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.

The Plan for our Local Universe of Nebadon
 By Jess Anthony

This is Christ Michael. This name serves as a familiar label most people see me inhabiting. My role as Aton/Sovereign is much broader and more controlling. Hatonn is a Commander of the Phoenix and as such was my disguise for many years. ATON was Hatonn, although Hatonn was not all of Aton. My title is Michael as Creator Son of the Universe of Nebadon, and I am called Christed because I have the Light of the Father Creator speaking through me. I am the designer of this Universe. I created my Planet first and then worked with the First Race to envision my Universe and manifest my vision. My decisions determined what life is like in Nebadon. My interests have informed the choice of physical embodiment you have taken on. The search for and exploration of Duality - a reversible energy direction - characterized my concepts and focus. I was interested in seeing how I could become apparently detached from my Creation, yet still be attached as Maker. This connection and detachment took on various guises of Light and Dark energy, active and passive receptivity, attraction and repulsion, positive and negative directions and energy flow. This became manifest in people and objects characterizing the physical embodiment of my conceptions within my Universe. My interest is played out on a grander scale than you can imagine. Your role on Earth-Shan [Urantia] was to take this preoccupation with separation to an extreme. I could predict various scenarios you would pursue, but I wanted to see how you would operate without my direct connection guiding you. I asked for and received volunteers from all over the Universe to come to Earth and experience this lowest level of separation. I maintained a core of connection with all of you, but you gradually lost any memory of this. This was influenced by off-world intruders who forced the parameters to change. That influence was a possibility I had envisioned, but until it was set in motion, I could not evaluate the experiential evidence it would provide. Their Free Will affected your Free Will and the choices had to change. Since you had given up any direct memory of me and our connection, you were at the mercy of those who chose to manipulate you. This provided a new perspective that couldn't be appreciated without it happening. You were strong enough to withstand that possibility, or you wouldn't have come here in the first place. But you were mismatched and defending yourself blindly. To help you I sent legions of Guides and directional Assistants. I could do no more since I had created the possibility of Free Choice for those participating in the experiment. But there is a limit to how much information can be obtained from this 3rd Dimensional experiment. Your context changes, but your reactions do not. It is time to change the parameters for the context. This I have done by allowing Mother Earth to begin the change she has requested. She is beginning to clean her physical self and generate a stronger aura. As Man began to experience the new energies that were arriving for Mother Earth, he began waking up to his true role and his place in the scheme of what I had planned for the Universe of Nebadon.

- Christ Michael  on Earth's Unique Role -

These times you speak of are troublesome and unpredictable. The Dark, as you call it, is primed for a last gasp stand off with us/me, and our best efforts to convince them otherwise are to no avail. This will come down to a show-down, I'm afraid. You ask me why this has to happen since I am God Creator of this Universe. It is because I gave you the opportunity to create this resistance to my Will. This is a grand experiment on so many levels you still can't comprehend. The Dark was allowed to take over because I wanted to see how you would learn to cope with it. It had never happened before in this type of scenario, and I convinced you all to come here to battle against this reversal of my original intentions. That is a dichotomy in itself. My intention was not to have the Dark take over, but once it did, I felt that the future of creation would be better served by allowing you to figure out how to deal with this threat. There are no more Creator Sons being created and it is my plan to have the best Ascending Sons train here to become worthy new Creator Sons of the new Universes at present being formed out in the Gread Void. You all are exceeding my expectations. The Galaxies throughout the Multiverses are paying close attention to your struggles and your successes. You are learning about situations that are unique, and your solutions are providing vast new archives of information that others can use in similar situations if something of this magnitude happens again. It is unlikely that anything similar will ever take place again, however, because you have explored the parameters in this situation with such depth that there is not much more to be learned from it. That is why I say you are wonderful Ascending Sons. You have dealt with a particularly troublesome issue and come through the dark with patience and insight. Patience gives you breadth of thought, and insight comes from thinking broadly. Mother Earth is going ahead with her letting loose with changes. She has withheld her Earth Changes for almost too long to help you all get to the point you have reached. Now that you are home again with us, she is free to change as she sees fit. Once again I tell you that these Changes are such that the geography of the Earth will change. There is no way the physical embodiment of Mother Earth's consciousness can continue the way it is when she herself is bursting through to a new awareness and understanding of her role in the Ascension process. She has determined to take you with her, and this in itself is a remarkable decision for her to make. She is being as careful as she can to preserve your comfort zones and the places you are drawn to for your own work.