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After 21st Dec.2012,it seems that most of us we are left out of patiense.Confusion as to whether the Chift,took place or not,or we are orbiting as a Planet,in a higher level of Energy Field.The fact is, that the mass Ascension is posponed,in order to give the chance to more people to get on Board.We certainly know,that the Ascension process ,as has been declared,is a unigue scenario,and has never happened in the History of Our Universe.Usually,the scenario followed in similar occasions,was the Death scenario.The total distruction of an existing Civilisation - the chifting of a Planet to a higher Dimension ,and the return of the souls to the new field of experiense,within specific time lines.This is not happening here,and ,as it has been declared,is not going to happen .We have to accept,that things could be much worst,because of the actions of the Cabal.But because of The Light - Christ Michael The Creator Son and His Legions - is not.All the Masters agree that Acension is not a short-term or medium - term Accomplishment for an Individual.We believe that Mass Ascension is a gift from Grace,from the Greator,and is not destined to lead all Humanity at the stage of Enlightment of our Lord Esu Emmanuel,or Lord Buddha - presend Planetary Logos -.but atleast,as a collective,to care and love All Creations, our Father God, has created .


 There is no better way to describe  Ascension Master Rumi..
 There is a place,beyond mind,s reality.
  Beyond duality.Beyond polarity.
  Out and beyond of any idea of right or wrong.
  Out of any contractions,and beyond any
  matterial needs or desires! That is the place of Unity,that is the place of Onennes.
 When  we,ll be ready,we ,ll meet there !



Christ Michael of Nebadon

Be Ready 

People act on their assumptions and preconceptions. Their physical shapes take on the energy of their decisions. Their decisions set in motion actions that involve others.....

They had to have enough understanding to support what is planned. We guided them to those convictions through example and suggestion. They each had to make their own decisions to become aligned. We cannot force a decision on beings with the ability to make decisions freely. This takes time and persuasion, as you can imagine.

Physical situations are only manifestations of intentions and formalized ideas. People act on their assumptions and preconceptions. Their physical shapes take on the energy of their decisions. Their decisions set in motion actions that involve others. Most people react to this involvement through their own preconceptions and emotional interpretations. They don’t analyze the situation for themselves, nor do they ask me for additional insight. This blind interaction has created the situation you find yourself in today. We have been working to break up this clot, to use that word, and allow man to exist more in keeping with my design and guidance.

 Your existence is ever a challenge to assimilate and determine the best course of behavior in the face of others’ decisions and personal choices for actions. It is a constant evaluation of parameters. Your purpose is to select the choices that are most in alignment with my ideas and my intentions. I have created you all in my universe as extensions of me and the primary means for me to experience what I have created. You are my senses spread over the entire universe. You can experience the interaction of specific aspects as they play out. My experiential knowledge is obtained through youThe world you see is a distortion of my plan, and its inhabitants ignore my guidance.

So, it is time to erase the misdirected preconceptions and re-establish my original intentions. This is the decision of Creator Source, and I am his agent for the universe I have created. Just as my creations are extension of me, so I am an extension of the Creator Source. He experiences Nebadon through me as creator son, and you the inhabitants of my creation provide the information I use as creator at this level. Your free will to make decisions for yourself is limited to the parameters I have determined to be the design of the universe you inhabit. Similarly, my plans for my universe were approved to meet the vision of the Creator Source of all.

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Ascended Master Saint Germain

Is There Going to be a Mass Ascension?

When we decided to delay the mass ascension, it was to give these dreamers another chance. Change the dream and commit to ascend. When this has been done, the only other thing needed for planetary ascension is the deletion of negativity about all of God's creations. Are you able to consider these negative attitudes nonsense? Why not?

Caring for some and not all does not negate negativity, it does, however, make the carer more loving and more able to delete their unconscious contractions in present time. The Angels are allowing for more changes to occur before ascension. We must make this possibility obvious to those who are not yet able to consider ascension a growth in awareness, the step that comes after a quest for divine guidance

Celebrating a New Year is one's choice, celebrating ascension is not an option for those only entertaining it because of its mystique. There is courage needed to agree to it. More are afraid than can be counted on. Celebrating the mass ascension will be a big first. We will do it, only the date and time are still in question.
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Georgi Stankov  SAYS.....

The Great Deception

Now that December 21 belongs to the past and heaven failed to deliver to its promises. the time of the Great Deceptions has commencedThis state of mind, to which most light workers have succumbed, is arduously forged by all kinds of trash channels who currently want to convince this small “enlightened” community of lost souls that they have allegedly ascended to the 5th dimension. Nothing is further from the truth!
- “And then there are those who “promote” ascension as if it has already occurred, in order to keep their popularity in 3d reality by shoving peace and love down everyone else’s throats, while they refuse to acknowledge the ‘true” reality. They still use their propaganda machines to convince everyone that 3d is now 5d, which is the most absurd thing and the farthest thing from the truth.-
- Will humanity change enough with the light energy that is hitting the planet right now? No, not in a 3rd dimensional reality. 3d reality was created to experience duality, and the only way to change that is to rise above it, not change within it (This is what I have always said, George)” -



- Actions are the outpicturing or manifestation of one,s thoughts,believes,and life dreams,and thus,is what defines one,s lower or higher self.-