Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Galactic Free Press Update: 12~12~12 Open Stargate

Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

12-8 Cloudship and Energy Vortex Over the Earth Allies Home Stayed for 48 hours
Greetings Love Beings, A Momentous Historical Moment In This Planet’s History is unfolding. Many Missions have been completed, were successful and The Victory’s for the Light Keep Occurring Now on a daily Basis. AS a Result Many Gifts from Love for Humanity are on the way for the ones who can embrace this coming energy with all their Heart! These will be downloads of Light information to assist in the Birthing process as well as to receive The Next Part of Your Missions and Roles in The New Earth. Welcome to The Moment the Divine Plan Really Kicks IN!!! 12~12~12! Open Stargate! Yeehaw!
Quoted from Kata with Adama “This is indeed a special occasion. Let us bow our heads and cherish this very moment which has finally come. This is a historic moment indeed. More than ever before, you are the closest to us. We address you with words filled with love and light, straight to your hearts like never before….12/12/12 is the date to receive the love emanation of the Universe into your reality matrix. This is the formula for every single triple date or “Stargate” openings. However, 12/12/12 has something else. It is the culmination of all previous gate openings; a historical opening indeed. This is the date for the Highest Vibrational Universal Mother Essence to return back to our planet after a long EXILE….” End of Quote
Quoted from Valerie DonnerIn meditation I focused on the 12-12-12 energies and saw a stargate. This opening looks immense and I believe it is what we will experience on that day. From what I know about stargates they can be at least 5,000 miles wide. Stargates are how interstellar space travel is conducted so you can imagine how powerful these energies will be.
I also saw a huge star when I looked at 12-21-12. The Earth is in the process of becoming a giant star so maybe that is what I saw. There is probably a lot that could be said about the star. It is her soul that is choosing to ascend and we are fortunate to be participating in her evolution along with her….
The current energies seem almost surreal. One person described it “Like going through the eye of a needle.” We are also feeling the shift in time lines. We are moving into the fourth, fifth and higher dimensional energies where time is non-linear like our third dimensional construct, into spiraling energy of the now moment….” End of Quote
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