Tuesday, December 11, 2012

~Sophia~Goddess of Wisdom : Message for 12.12.12

~Sophia~Goddess of Wisdom

Message for 12.12.12

People wish to know the truth and not truth mixed with lies. My objective now is to give You and everyone from the Family of Light my support as Your choice was not to become a part of the Forces of One, but to be free, free from all these lies and deception. You wish to know more the Followers of Light and know less the Followers of Self-Esteem and Self-Development (*Illuminati) which to this day still controls humanity even to the point of being a closer allies with them and we only appreciate that!

The date 12.12.12 can become a significant date, all that is needed are Your wishes and wills, Consciousness! If Your Consensus will become very strong during this worldwide meditation and concentration, then weak planet wide earthquake will be felt by all, and this will signify the full understanding and synchronicity of planet with You, which will be a crucial point in Your symbiotic rearrangement. The planet feels You and loves You, all that she need to understand more is Your will and want to live with it Harmonically, once You give it to Her, She will let You know that She hears You all!

I cannot guarantee this earthquake, very few loves earthquakes, so it will be another "less choice" to make for everyone, but if this earthquake will happen, it will be so weak that nothing will be damaged, this will be a "good earthquake", the one that equals to "a good pain". So decide, make Your contribution in it and everyone who will read it as well!:)

As about Illuminati-Archons hierarchy, Archons are on our and Followers of Light part, we are dealing with them right now. Illuminati are humans, that is why they are "on humanity's shoulders" (partly my as well), that why it is up to humanity to deal with them. But like we told before, many of them are finding "light" inside of them, so they are changing and willing to end the NWO ambition, they are still the original beings that were changed and enslaved many ages ago, a part of a whole Humanity!

Also the DNA change is on it's way, as You wanted!

May Light of Your Heart shine through the darkness of void that persists in Your way to Freedom! And the Freedom shall be granted to all that follows the Light! The Light of Everlasting Cosmos - The One, Oneness, Unite!


The 12.12.12 12th hour meditation is significant, we will be speaking as One! Please join us at the times shown below, wherever you are!


We are the One we are waiting for!

Much love,