Wednesday, December 12, 2012


By Rosie
Dec 11, 2012 - 2:43:45 AM
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Mother Nebadonia through Rosie, 11th December 2012

Beloved Children of mine, for my children you are, and precious in my eyes, though my eyes extend far beyond the surface of your small planet and the happenings thereupon. They extend to all my creations – my co-creations with my partner representing the father spirit, the one many of you call GOD.

My eyes also extend beyond this. My awareness encompasses also the creations of others, knowing that these are – by devise of ONENESS – also mine. It is my design to extend YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, growing in multi-layered and multi-dimensional directions, as opposed to growing in one linear direction, which is what you generally perceive as the time-line, starting at birth and finishing at death. Remember that many of you have passed through the birth/death cycle many times, and that fresh encounters today may well be reunions of yesterday.

You perceive of your lives and structures, your waking and your sleeping, as separate boxes, with orderly progression from one to another. I would encourage you to think of these of circles within circles which often overlap or complement each other. I am here to assist you with the PUSHING AWAY OF THESE SEEMINGLY SOLID WALLS TO REVEAL NEW REALITIES.

Much has been said about the opening of the heart. What does this mean to you on planet earth at this time? In the literal sense, it means responding from a heart level, even if the mind interferes and discusses and argues and revolts. On another level, this means opening up to INTUITION, opening up from POSSIBILITIES to BOUNDLESSNESS, opening up to the SYCHRONICITY DEVISED BY DIVINE HAND, opening up to the existence of other unseen realms and stages where helpers are only too eager to come out from behind the curtains and interact with you.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful meadow. You can walk down a path through the meadow at a rapid pace, because the day is hot and because you wish to throw yourself into the lake at the end of the path for relief. Or you can tread slowly, pausing here and there, open for the message of each flower, aware of the perfect curve of each petal and of the process which birthed it into being, aware of the primeval forest this once used to be, where the same flowers grew, aware of the people who left their energy imprint on this very same ground centuries ago, placing your foot into their footprints. And when you raise your foot again, be aware of the grass which has been pressed down and which, just seconds after you pass, starts to move back upwards into a vertical position, stretching towards the light again. If you can WALK LIKE THIS, CARRYING CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES OF EVERY STEP YOU TAKE, THEN YOU WILL “ENTER THE KINGDOM” – the place of deep and holy serenity, of joy and responsibility, your spiritual centre which radiates love and which cannot do harm. Regard the harm being perpetrated on your planet, dear ones. Walk with us and walk in all consciousness.

ATTEMPT NOT TO DIVIDE YOURSELVES BUT TO EXPAND YOURSELVES. I will give you an exercise which can be carried out by all. Take an idea, or a situation, or another person, or a relationship, or YOURSELF, which appears to be limited or causing you concern. Take this person or situation and place them in a box in your mind’s eye. Unfold that box as if it were a paper cube. The paper is now lying flat on the ground. Refold the box so that the INSIDE IS NOW ON THE OUTSIDE. Visualise the box changing shape and loosing its corners TO FORM A PERFECT SPHERE. Every corner, angle, aspect or vestige of the situation or person is NOW ON THE OUTSIDE, IN CONTACT WITH SPACE, IN CONTACT WITH INFINITY AND INFINITE EXPANSION. EVERYTHING HAS UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. ALL PEOPLE AND SITUATIONS ARE UNIQUE IN THEIR CAPACITY FOR CHANGE. ALL MERGE WITH EACH OTHER IN THE SPACE OF INIFINITY.

Now imagine many boxes opening up and reforming into spheres like this. They are all golden spheres of light. All breathe in, drawing in light from the other spheres in the infinite space, and all breathe out, spreading their own accumulated light, in constant pulsation. The spheres become ever brighter. They become almost transparent and porous in the sense that they can move through each other’s skins. Thus can a smaller sphere rest in the middle of a large one, inspiring each other, lighting each other’s way, and creating new light jointly. Thus YOU rest in my sphere always, and thus we ALL rest within the greater light chambers of the ULTIMATE DIVINE CREATOR SOURCE.

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