Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cosmic Gratitude : Christ Michael's and Nebadonia's Teaching Messages

....Cosmic gratitude is the Divine Presence reciting codes of love steepled in the mortal heart of men; . HE is a constant giver and HIS love and Mighty Presence within each is gratitude in action to HIS little ones who take the long journey of ascent to Paradise.....

Cosmic Gratitude

The glory of the Father resides in each child in built with the living spirit. That is the spirit of life. To all of you ones who have agreed to take on mortal countenance to serve the higher will during these auspicious times in your planet’s cycle, you are in receipt of great honour.
Your loyalty to a higher cause is noted and streams of applause often flow from the celestial circle of higher authority. You ones who have chosen to align your consciousness with the Father’s, receive more and more packets of light in order to discharge your earthly tasks with greater understanding. Always do we keep your light replenished as you share your divinity with others.
The drums roll in the angelic kingdom and love is sent from the spheres of Paradise to embrace your earth for all she has contributed to the rising of humanity. She too has been a faithful servant. The heavens pour into her, gifts of gratitude that she may welcome this energy and prepare herself for greater service.
Many are oblivious to the welcome support we offer freely and many cannot comprehend God honouring HIS children for their achievements. This is a reality. Just as you speak with HIM, HE speaks with you, just as you praise and honour HIM, HE praises and honours you. Ponder upon this. A father always encourages his children with talent and offers praise to those who show promise and those who shine through achievement. Praise and other material gifts may be bestowed as rewards for accomplishment. The Paradise Father must be viewed similarly. HE too rewards HIS children when they make balanced choices aligned with HIS will and achieve personal and spiritual progress. He encourages spiritual development by offering more and more of HIMSELF. HE may not bequeath material effects, but gifts spiritual delights that will enable HIS children focussed on HIM to enjoy greater benefits of HIS presence and wealth.
There is no limit to the Father’s wealth. HE does not withhold them from you but offers them freely if you would make HIS will your choice. The offering of spiritual wealth is the expression of HIS gratitude for your determination in choosing to reside in HIS light. All is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God. There is a flow of natural giving and re-giving- each cycle being expressed in gratitude for the other. Choosing HIS will is the beginning of gratitude; for you express thanks consciously or not when you say, Father I desire only to do thy will. This is your recognition of the highest will that exits. It is in fact a tribute of thanksgiving. In choosing HIS will, you do not forfeit your free will but you bring your will in alignment with HIS. This will become a natural choice as your graduate to higher frequency.
This choice of honouring and living in the reflection of the Father’s will in itself is the beginning of a kaleidoscope of blessings, which is the Father’s gratitude in reciprocation. Eternal guidance will be offered but most importantly you can allow yourself the experience of co-creating with the Father. When you are able to flow in HIS energy through the moments of your life, your co creative talents and abilities will surface and you shall begin to indulge in your birthright. See cosmic gratitude as an extension of the Father’s love for you. HE is present and available to all HIS children but will not impose HIMSELF. HE must be sought and discovered and then chosen. The result of this sequence is an effect experienced within the one/ones who make the discovery and choice; this effect being certainty, assurance, inalienable peace, righteous joy and gifts of divine gratitude.
When you choose the Father’s will you become gatekeepers of spiritual assets; soldiers of the Father in reverent service. This in itself is a reward you have earned, bestowed with divine gratitude. Fairness prevails in the kingdom where God exists and those who find HIS essence within and choose HIS will shall find the kingdom. Beloveds, when you can experience the Kingdom of God within yourself you will dwell in the phase of continuous gratitude expressed by yourself and expressed by the Father.
What then is this gratitude but the harmonious instinct poised and ready for flow within and through the Father’s vast creation? It is constantly expressed in myriad ways yet can only be experienced by those who are able to receive and accept it through conscious choice of the Father and HIS will. Some may interpret these words as saying that the Father’s gratitude is conditional upon HIS children taking certain steps. Yet I say that gratitude is an extension of HIS love which is unconditional. Through and by HIS everlasting love you are in receipt of HIS gratitude for your existence; your journey and eventual return to HIM.
Cosmic gratitude is the Divine Presence reciting codes of love steepled in the mortal heart of men; that each may find its access and release it to the world. The Father dwells within each child of creation. HE is a constant giver and HIS love and Mighty Presence within each is gratitude in action to HIS little ones who take the long journey of ascent to Paradise.