Saturday, December 1, 2012


The Pathway to Ascension.

Ascension is :  Mastering - Graduation - Enlightment - Liperation.

Ascension is Mastering- Graduation.Ascension is realizing,you are Godlike.
It is the self aguired knowledge. It is the realizing of the inner desire,
throught life experiense, to meet the Father,and the master within.
Ascension is the mastering of the mysteries of the archaic.
Ascension is to follow your thoughts in action.To see with the eyes of your heart.
Ascension is to fight your fears,your doubts,and your believes.It is real knowkedge,which is leading you out of the oceans of ignoranse,to the mastery and wisdom of the Eternal.
To Abandon all attachments you used to live with.
To See the merits of the Devine Plan you are attached to it,and then you can say:

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 There is no better way to describe, what Ascension is,as Master Rumi...
There is a place,beyond mind,s reality.
Beyond duality.Beyond polarity.
Out and beyond of any idea of right or wrong.
Out of any contractions,and beyond any
matterial needs or desires!
That is the place of Unity,that is the place of Onennes.
When we,ll be ready,we ,ll meet there !
The Ascension scenario as is been decreed by the Creator Himself,with the Ascended Master,s
Realm responsible for the whole Ascension process -S.Germain ,El Moryia ,Kuthumi ,Lady Portia ,Lady Nada e.t.c,with the assistanse of All the Archangels and the Angelic Realm,the Galactics,the help
the shifting of Humanity and also mother Earth,to 5th Dimensional level of existanse.
Taking into consideration all the factors involved,a guestion arises for all of us,either Ascending
Masters,Adepts,Chellas,Lightworkers e.t.c
Did actually,the mass Ascension scenario,is been the objective target from the beginning,knowing the meaning of Ascension ?
Some chanells try to presend or determine Ascension,as the Recall or remembering of our memories,and conciousness of our Higher Devine Self,as been before incarnation on Earth.
Is it so ?They all agree that Acension is enlightment,graduation,and is related or connected
with the chifting of conciousness of un individual,to higher level of experiense - existanse.
Conclusively,and to our opinion,the mass Ascension scenario,destined with the joined
efforts of the Spiritual Hierarchy,to accomplish at least the chifting of the Critical Mass of the collective conciousness.
By increasing spirituality and Light,this, consiguently could divert the flow of energies - changes the flow of events and Altering circumstansess.

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