Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Update on the Darkening Sun : Nov 7, 2012 - 11:54:07 PM

Update on the Darkening Sun
By Candace
Nov 7, 2012 - 11:54:07 PM

Update on the Darkening Sun

November 6, 2012


2 days ago, I was told they would be darkening the sun a bit more and for those two days I had chemtrails mixed with natural clouds. Today we have a clear deeply blue sky fully colored sky. No maze in it.

So CM just asked me to go out and compare to what I have seen previously. Several of us have recorded on the forum the changes we experience.

Today the sun is an EASY watch at 11 am, about 1 hour from noon. I quickly pick up the disk (by that I do NOT mean the craft, for everyone must focus a varying period of time before the sun's edges mature out of the brightness), much more quickly than when I noticed the changes all in one day in mid September and began to record it.

Today the sun is not only easy to focus on, but is growing darker. It is normal for it to appear blue when gazed upon, but its getting grayish. Outside with full sun, it is NOT very bright. Bright enough the most people will not question still I assume, but much less than normal. I know fall is here and we are tilting away form the sun and perhaps are also in the ellipse, further from it. But it is NOT bright as it should be. Even in my south bedroom, the light beams are dullish. I have watched the light there for years now because I allows me to watch the changes in tilt over the season.

I point out here, I am not using ANY eye protection at all when I am making these observations, but listen to your own body if you wish to partake and start with eye protection. Those near the equator and in the Southern hemisphere, the sun is "closer" to you than me, physically so you may perceive more brightness than I do.

Several days ago while I could watch easily enough, I felt a sense of heat and pressure and today, even that is not there.

I began recording on GLP around the 3 Days of Darkness and my thread was deleted. Christ has copied some of it, and you can find it here within this post, which was the last update I did on the site about the dimming sun.

I am not given to know exactly how far fleet will take this dimming process or for how long, nor the exact date the 3DD will commence. Many of you are complaining of being drained and all sorts of other symptoms and I would suggest these could be from the deceased amount of sunlight. I have pretty much adapted, but in the first few weeks of this, I had many profound experiences related to it.

Some are noticing it on the web but have no idea what is going on.

There is a thread on GLP, from Oct 28, which asked if the sun is fading.

Also, I have not checked the email address I have posted for mission statements in some time. I still have difficulty with the net, some of which everyone has, as of yesterday, 16 hubs in North America remain down. But I suspect some is intentional also. I went one day to the library to use their internet, and it was almost as terrible as mine was, and a completely different provider. When I had gone there when waiting my new modem after the other died, I had four hours of internet bliss and no needing to reboot the new computer either. I reboot several times a day, because somehow it seems to "help". Gmail takes a long time to load and the very slow yahoo has not loaded for me yet. Didn't again today.

If you are having internet difficulties, you can check the hubs here: there has been a huge issue since "Sandy".

Please post this ENITRE piece, if you share it about the web. with Linky which is right above here.

Big NON Update
By Candace
Sep 22, 2012 - 11:57:55 PM

Ok after CM suggesting (in response to my begging) for our readers, he just came, said they were in meeting to determine what they wanted to update about on the 3DD. It is said they will be ready later today or tomorrow.

I am uploading a teaching thread I had on GLP which was deleted! but Christ did copy much of it before then. The only thing mostly missing I can remember between his copy and the time of deletion yesterday, is we were discussing whether satellite images are getting blurry or not. Some are.

In this pdf file you will find my reports on the dimming sun. It is dimming and I can watch it at high noo without any eye protection and see the disk, but it is better with sunglasses but I can watch it. PROOF and others are reporting this too on glp threads I am involved in and oon the forum.

Last night I felt a huge change of energies. IF the people start to feel this, there is going to be DREAD felt. You yourselves may be noticing hearts perhaps beating odd, chills, sweats, and funny feeling difficult to describe but to which one could describe as DREAD. Tremoring. Different ear sounds too.

Click on page to download Pdf: 515 kb.