Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update : By Christ Michael of Nebaton

I know you ones are hungry for news
By CM thru Hazel
Nov 12, 2012 - 11:46:30 PM
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Update: Christ Michael present.

I know you ones are hungry for news. Much of import is going on but none of which I can and will reveal to you at present. There is some ‘wheeling and dealing’ taking place, the outcome of which I await. The course of MY plans have not changed. I have not amended the original plan. I AM seeking only to have MY house in order before the final curtain is drawn down. You see there are Universal laws that I must abide by and that is what I AM acting upon now. When they are complete there will be a clear conclusion to what appears to be a long and drawn out saga.

The earth is going to move a few times before the grand event, and chaos will ensue a bit it is needed now. She needs to release and the occurrences will be tolerated. By this I mean I am allowing it to go ahead.

It will draw the population’s attention to matters that are more important than everyday issues. It will cause an awakening amongst some.

The world clock continues to tick as times speeds up. Instead of spending your time waiting for it to happen attend your minds to your inner awareness and seek to expand your understanding of God within. It will do you no good to complain about Christ Michael for Christ Michael knows what HE is doing. I ask do you know what you are meant to be doing? If not attend yourself to the force within and ask after your purpose at this time.

I have said multiple times that the time is NOW. Do not let it catch you unprepared. NOW does not mean this exact minute it refers to a ‘period’ and you are in that period. Ensure that your inner lamp burns brightly. Take the journey with ME in consciousness so that you inwardly remain calm and present.
I AM not prevaricating but simply ensuring that perfection is achieved before I bring the curtain down on this time. You may have noticed the energies sporadically being pumped into your Earth. The energies are finer now and those attuned will feel or even hear the energies. They are having the effect of quickening that is awakening some of the sleeping masses but more so preparing the earth for her move. There is but a short time remaining and I mean quite categorically n terms of linear time or as you understand time.

I will briefly address you on the 3DD. Your sun continues to dim periodically. We are experimenting with certain things at the moment but it should be most obvious to you who engage in sun gazing activity. The craft is still very near the sun and working in and out as required. It is not my intent to coincide the eclipse with any planetary eclipse your world might experience. As I said earlier there are miscellaneous matters being addressed as a prelude to the 3DD. There are no real delays beloveds just events taking place that MUST.

I AM Christ Michael.