Friday, November 9, 2012

The Human History Movie

"Take this with a Grain of Salt!"

Alexandra Bruce
November 7, 2012

I would have to describe this animated feature film as the 'Fantasia' of the New Age -- but ramped up with a hyper narrative track and sorely lacking in Tchaikovsky.

Based largely on the teachings of the controversial and indefatigable Drunvalo Melchizedek, this feature length Gnostic cartoon, featuring an ensemble cast of sock puppets has much to inform, titillate and annoy just about everyone.

As the main character says toward the end of the film: "This needs to be taken with a grain of salt."

Fans of Edgar Cayce, Theosophy, Eastern Mysticism and of every New Age meme imaginable will love this. Others may be interested to catch a glimpse at what some seekers actually believe -- and there will be those who will be entirely appalled by this show, on both the Evangelical and atheist ends of the spectrum of belief.

Where do you fit in?