Thursday, November 29, 2012



Nebadonia through Rosie, 28th November 2012

R: You wish to give me a message, dearest Mother? Shall I write it down?

N: Yes, my child, for this is how you cement your confirmation, how you can best convey my thoughts to others, and how you can reflect upon them in the future. You may thereby make my words seemingly more concrete. I say SEEMINGLY as my words are words of LOVE IMPRINTED ON YOUR SOUL, PERVADING ALL YOUR BODIES SEEN AND UNSEEN, PHYSICAL AND ETHEREAL. So actually, I never leave you. I live on in you even as you “die”, leaving your physical body behind.

My love is all-encompassing, though not widely recognised. In your world it is so normal to bend to the authority of a male voice, and to bow before your vision of a male creator. I am the “female” counterpart of that Creator, permeating “him” also, being an intricate and indispensable part of “him” also, to produce the perfect balance and blend.

To those parts of the universe which lack awareness of my presence, I send my emmisaries to redress the balance and to increase awareness.

You live lives which are very much in the “physical”. That there are realms far and beyond this, involving a rich tapestry of experience, is presently considered ridiculous by the majority of present inhabitants. It lacks credibility. It cannot be documented for the incredulous ones among you, except in the way you now write, to preserve and show our thoughts and inclinations, and except our interactions with you who are prepared to enter into new realms without blocking off possibilities which seem impossible or dangerous or threatening to you. You may fear that you may become someone who is not “grounded” and who can longer be taken seriously.

I SAY “ENTER IN AND WE WILL RECEIVE YOU WITH LOVE. DARE TO PASS BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF PHYSICALITY, SPACE AND TIME”. For this will bring you gifts and experiences which embellish and heighten your experiences on the physical plane.

Your experience of OUR LOVE and BEING ONE with us will allow you to POUR MORE LOVE ONTO YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. And so we invite you to search us out, ask for help and for pointers so that your lives are fulfilled on many levels.

You may imagine yourselves in a multi-storey car park. You – different parts of you - are in different cars on many levels, all searching for the space which is perfect for you and your physical vehicle. In this sense, you may be many people simultaneously driving many lives. And when you are tired of driving and searching, you park your physical vehicle – your body, usually at night. And you leave the multi-storey car-park on foot, leaving your body/vehicle behind to WALK WITH US.

Our invitation is that you start to do this more consciously and with greater intent, as this will serve you personally and us all. Remember that there are always inner connections of which you are not entirely aware and which await your discovery. Turn your humdrum lives into lives of adventure, and your journeys through different realms and the fusions and relationships which you form with other beings will strengthen you, teach you the GREAT JOY, GREAT LOVE AND GREAT COMPASSION WHICH YOUR EARTH TODAY SO DESPERATELY REQUIRES.

This we say to you in deepest love. We await you and we welcome you. Nebadonia.

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