Thursday, November 15, 2012

Message from Metatron thru Hazel November 12, 2012

Message From Metatron
By Metatron thru Hazel
Nov 12, 2012 - 11:58:13 PM

Message from Metatron thru Hazel November 12, 2012

I am Metatron of the Pure light of God. A celestial visitation preceded this message that I may come through the consciousness of this scribe to perform this message. It is a holy time upon your lands. Your firmament is being prepared and soon a new halo will surround your world. It is not yet complete however. I come not to speak to you of these matters.

I come to reintegrate you into the cosmic dynamic as your world is being prepared for great change. You cannot comprehend the movements taking place for indeed words are limited to correspond with you in a way that you will truly grasp the efficacy of what underlies the great movement. So we speak to you notionally, meaning in the language you can comprehend yet still this does not afford us the opportunity to speak in the fullness of our truth for you will not know what that means.

There is conjecture in your world about many things and different versions of understanding plough ahead. Some are taken in by some versions; others choose the alternatives and each makes their version the truth. This way is not a solid foundation to knowing what truth is. You must desire the truth of God to be emblazoned on your heart and seek it like you see nothing else in your material world. Only then you shall have the truth. I mean the real truth.

This child contemplates my origin for she knows me as being of Arch angel stock for that is what your world tells you. You do not in truth know me in title. You know my energy and that suffices. The moment it will come upon your world when all will seek in truth and the truth will be told. For now you play with truth or that which you call truth which in many cases is a figment of your imagination or an imposed value thrust upon you. I am from the highest heavens- the ultimate Paradise. I serve the Creator as you are meant to. For now that will suffice.

Your world is on the brink of a mighty fall. But the hand of the divine will reach down to lift you before all comes to nothing. Your Father Michael has already addressed you this day and it is not my place to superimpose my thoughts upon what HE has expressed. I have simply come to add that the old is being bitten away and the tempo of this has miraculously increased. In your consciousness many are prevailing upon the set date and time given by and through the Mayan calendar. In reality this no longer exists, meaning that the time has long been spent. Your mind is programmed on time so you need to have a date in your consciousness to anticipate.

Surely you must know by now that what you term the ascension is already in play. Each will have his or her own ascension in measure of his/her readiness. This does not depend on a set time frame. The ascension of the Earth however is another matter. This will take place in accordance with the galactic cycles that have long been in place and you are in the run up to this. The earth’s ‘matter’ has already begun to shift but you are still a long way from what you call 5th dimension. That will progress more slowly after some initial changes are conducted upon your earth plane. All will change. Levels of awareness are already shifting amongst your population BUT there remains a large number who remains unaccounted for- meaning they are mightily in ‘rest ‘mode.

I am not here to repeat what has been given to you already. I am simply here to reiterate that matters are progressing and the face of your world will take on a gradual change. Earth activity is to be expected but the major clearing will not happen during a conscious state. I mean that the population will not be conscious when this is taking place. It is only thereafter that a new cycle can begin.

The process will be a lengthy one. The storm is not yet over for with certainty there shall be more upheaval before the end of this age is revealed. All is in the hands of Divine Creator and it will bode you well to stay in touch with HIS essence for all you need do is to penetrate the outer layers of falsity and move within the malleable flow of the Creator’s mind. You are almost over the bridge but the bridge will rock a few times as the water rises before you land to safety.

I Say No more
I am Metatron of the ONE LIGHT

Candace: I want to add some comments. To those seeking the December 21, 2012 magic date, it is not so and has been always a date placed by the dark, and not based on anything. There is much todo now on the internet in forums, with people caliming we enter this that or the other that day, or we magically ascend. None of it is true. As to the "date", Jesus was born in 7bc, not 0 bc, so you see, 2012 was at least 7 years ago already.
Metatron is a Trinity Origin being from Paradise beloveds. There are many orders ofTrinity Beings and it would mean little to place a title/name of an order to you at this time. I am also a Trinity Being, but since I am an ascending Son, I am a TRINITIZED Being, not a Trinity Origin Being as I rose out of the stock of some planet in Nebadon and Ascended my way to Paradise. I did not start in Paradise. Metatron Is of Origin there in the first place. I earned mine. Hope this helps-C